At Home in Mossy Creek

At Home in Mossy Creek


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It's Valentine's Day weekend in Mossy Creek, and Creekites don't need any new romantic dilemmas. The town's still buzzing over Ida and Amos's kiss. Hannah's heart flutters every time a certain handsome Scottish photographer walks into her library. Peggy's debating her first real date since her husband died. Harry's keeping a romantic secret from Josie. Sandy's got a romantic surprise for Jess. Sagan has to decide whether he and Emily really are a couple, and Win Allen's preparing his restaurant for the biggest night of the year. So what could make the weekend more Chaotic? The Circus! Cirque d'Europa is stranded in Mossy Creek, and Creekites find themselves hosting some very strange characters with romantic problems of their own.

Title:At Home in Mossy Creek
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    At Home in Mossy Creek Reviews

  • Lisa

    After loving the first five books, I was very disappointed. Many of the authors have changed and left me feeling like I was reading junior high writing. Some funny lines, but mostly shallow, predictab...

  • Mary Guerra

    I love this series. This is the lasted book and I've tried to buy it twice. I'm going to have to break down and go to a chain bookstore to buy it....

  • Jacqueline

    Lost interest reading this one....

  • Jennifer Power

    Not the best book in the series but I still liked it just the same.......

  • Shirley

    Too easy of a read and confusing at times....

  • Beyond the Pages

    What a delightful little treasure. I'll be visiting Mossy Creek again....