Above His Proper Station

Above His Proper Station


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Anrel Murau, a simple scholar, is secretly the notorious revolutionary Alvos the Orator--the Empire's most wanted man. On the run and nearly penniless, Anrel finds himself forced to seek refuge in the capital city's Pensioner's Quarter, a den of thieves, murderers, and con men. Barely scraping out an existence on the fringe of respectable society, Anrel never forgets his demands for justice, nor the love of the woman he left behind.
The civil unrest that has long been simmering in the Empire is beginning to boil over into violent protests and Anrel's enemy, Lord Allutar, continues to corrupt the Grand Council.
But Anrel's alter-ego, Alvos the Orator, has taken on a life of his own and many factions of the Grand Council seek a way to harness his followers' political might for their own ends. Which means they need Anrel to take on a surprising new role and gain access to one of the Empire's greatest secrets to stop the rampant evil.
The adventure of Alvos the Orator continues with more action, more intrigue, and more suspense than ever before as Anrel seeks to at last clear his name and seek retribution against his old enemy once and for all.

Title:Above His Proper Station
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    Above His Proper Station Reviews

  • Cindy

    I was a bit unsure about this series after the first book was so slow it almost put me to sleep, yet here I am book 2 and still reading. Overall, I think this series is very slowly inching to become a...

  • D.L. Morrese

    This picks up right where the first book left off. Anrel Murau, the young man 'without magic,' is wanted for treason, sedition, and otherwise telling the truth and saying what he thinks about it. But ...

  • Lyle Blosser

    A worthy sequel to the first volume (A Young Man Without Magic) and even though this arc ended satisfactorily, not only can more tales be told in this "Bound Lands" universe, but I am certainly hoping...

  • Cameron

    Very enjoyable story, featuring an outlaw who weaves his way through many layers of society. Although technically a sequel, the background is well fleshed out, so it stands well on its own....

  • Grimread

    Much better then the first book. And I'm happy there is no cliffhanger even if it is an open ending....

  • Steve

    A very pleasant Surprise! The first book in this two part tale was a bit lackluster and i had to work a little bit to get through it. I was left unsure if they next one would be any good at all. Being...

  • Maddi Hausmann

    An enjoyable fantasy with an undercurrent of the French Revolution to it. Reminded me of some of Harry Turtledove's replayings of history as a fantasy (he did this for World War II in the Darkness ser...

  • Delshawn

    THE author could have given more detail to the characters and the details were sufficient....