Where do penguins live? What do they eat, and how do they catch their food? In this book you'll find out the answers and lots more fascinating facts about penguins.

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    Penguins Reviews

  • R.

    This is similar to the Horses & Ponies book, only about penguins instead. We received this as part of my daughter's summer reading program with Usborne Books. One of the stuffed animals she attached t...

  • Britani Poulsen

    PenguinsEmily BonePenguins is a information book you know it's an information book because it's tell you about something in detail in this book it talks about Penguins and how they do things. Like it ...

  • Lashunda Adams

    This book talks all about Penguins and how fascinating they are. Where do Penguins live, eat, clean, and more. This is a informative book and you can have children use the glossary and the table of co...

  • Angela Barakat

    I read this with my daughter....