The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

From the son of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and one of America's greatest mystery writers, John Dickson Carr, comes twelve riveting tales based on incidents or elements of the unsolved cases of Sherlock Holmes. The plots are all new, with painstaking attention to the mood, tone, and detail of the original stories. Here is a fascinating volume of mysteries for new Sherlock fans, as well as for those who have read all the classics and crave more!

The Adventure of the Seven Clocks
The Adventure of the Gold Hunter
The Adventure of the Wax Gamblers
The Adventure of the Highgate Miracle
The Adventure of the Black Baronet
The Adventure of the Sealed Room
The Adventure of the Foulkes Rath
The Adventure of the Abbas Ruby
The Adventure of the Dark Angles
The Adventure of the Two Women
The Adventure of the Depthford Horror
The Adventure of the Red Widow

Title:The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes
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    The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes Reviews

  • Richard Hemingway

    I must confess that when I read this collection of short stories over 30 years ago, I missed out on one tiny little detail. These stories werenÔÇÖt written by Arthur Conan Doyle they were written by ...

  • Riju Ganguly

    This collection of apocryphal Sherlockiana has a special status: the stories herein are the first "authorised" pastiches that came out after the demise of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The rarest of rare co...

  • Lauren Stoolfire

    The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes by Adrian Conan Doyle and John Dickson Carr is collection of Holmesian short stories that felt incredibly authentic. I guess that makes sense with Adrian Conan Doyle on...

  • Rozonda

    Years ago, I read Adrian Conan Doyle's "Tales of Love and Hate" and I was appalled at the lack of talent of the son of such a gifted writer. I hoped that Dickson Carr, a wonderful mystery writer,would...

  • Michael

    This was probably the first anthology of Sherlock Holmes pastiches that I ever read back in the dim and murky past when dinosaurs walked the Earth in mortal terror of Doug McClure. Basil Rathbone was ...

  • Suyash Kumar

    Adrian Conan Doyle has done nothing to demonstrate that he has inherited his father's intellect.The stories are unexceptional and quite mediocre. Every single story has the following elements ever pre...

  • Zita

    The stories were quite mediocre overall, which is the case with Sherlock Holmes pastiches more often than not. I cannot help but compare Adrian's work to his father's, and conclude with disappointment...

  • Barbm1020

    These stories are very authentic in tone and plot, and the characters remain as Doyle created them. I did find it jarring to revisit that world and that style, and as good as they are, I wasn't ready ...

  • Aadi

    @pge 67 hmm interesting ­čś×­čś×Ôś║...

  • Sr3yas

    2.5 StarsThis book is an imitation game. It's written like Sir Doyle's work,but without much of the original's magic. There are some stories which came close to great but is overshadowed by the rest o...