It's Hard to Be a Verb!

It's Hard to Be a Verb!


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A positive resource for anyone dealing with ADHD or challenged by someone who has ADHD.

Being a verb is hard!

Especially for Louis, who can’t seem to control himself when he gets the urge to move at the wrong time and situation.

My knees start itching.
My toes start twitching.
My skin gets jumpy.
Others get grumpy.

Louis’ mom comes to the rescue by teaching him techniques to help keep his inner itching, twitching and jumping to be a verb in check.

Title:It's Hard to Be a Verb!
Edition Language:English
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    It's Hard to Be a Verb! Reviews

  • Molly

    ADHD. Impulse control. Talks about fidget toys and at-home strategies for parents. ...

  • Elizabeth

    This is a great book for all the kids who can't seem to manage to sit still. I liked the strategies that are introduced toward the end....

  • Whittney Davis

    "It's Hard to Be a Verb!" by Juila Child tells the story of a little boy, Louis, and his struggle with learning how to embrace his ADHD. Louis has a hard time keeping his "wiggles" under control and f...

  • Jas Asbill

    Having a husband, child, and now a grandchild that are verbs, I was excited to find a book with kids like them. We snuggled in to read it over FaceTime with my granddaughter as she twitched, fidgeted,...

  • Laurie Clary

    Louis is a verb and it's really difficult not to let his fingers twitch, his knees to flinch and pay attention. His mom finds strategies to help him cope with his condition in a fun way. This is a mus...

  • Shirl Fussell

    One of the best children’s books I’ve read to my kids! ...

  • Cheryl

    Not what I expected....

  • Alissa Peanasky

    This book did a good job of giving actual coping skills to help with keeping a calm body and focusing on tasks that need to be done. ...

  • Kerry

    What I love about Julia Cook's stories is they are all common situations that kids experience but tackled in a fun and interesting way. Its Hard to Be a Verb is no different. Some kids find it hard to...

  • Karen

    If you have a child that has trouble focusing in school (or at home while doing homework, which is the case in our house), whether they have ADHD or not, this book is worth the read. It gives suggesti...