American Mc Gee's Grimm

American Mc Gee's Grimm


, Sequential Art

In American McGee's Grimm (the popular video game series available at, the player controls Grimm, a dwarf who creates a trail of destruction wherever he goes. Sick of how happy fairy tales have become, Grimm makes it his mission to revert the lighthearted yarns to their darker original versions with his patented butt-stomping chaos. Now he's set his wicked sights on comic books, and the funny pages will never be the same again...

Title:American Mc Gee's Grimm
Edition Language:English
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    American Mc Gee's Grimm Reviews

  • Sofia

    I had never heard of this before so went in blind. The artwork was good and i can tell it is influenced by the video game it is from but the stories were just blah. I get that it is skewering regular ...

  • Suge

    With stunning visuals and an interesting concept for a storyline, I kind of thought that this story would have been more engaging. With that said, it falls flat. I enjoyed it to a degree but I didn't ...

  • Mike

    Not as clever as the author believes it to be. Had its moments though....