A King is Born

A King is Born


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The love story with a hood flavor is back, but there is still no happy ending for Halleigh and Malek. Their situation has just taken a turn for the worse. Halleigh has been kidnapped by Malek's adversary, who's holding her for ransom. Malek only has 72 hours to save her, or she will be gone forever. With the help of Scratch, a seasoned junkie with a soft spot for Halleigh, Malek terrorizes the city to get his true love back. Will Halleigh make it out alive, or will she finally fall victim to the game?

Treasure Hernandez brings you an action packed, suspenseful story that will have you wanting more of Flint. Welcome to the most dangerous city in America.

Title:A King is Born
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    A King is Born Reviews

  • Latoshia Campbell

    Can't wait to reAd the finale.Man I gotta get book 7. This is a really great series. Can't wait to read it. What else can happen...

  • Bless

    Wow! Just very powerful! Blood has been spilled and Scratch has died being Halleigh's unknown father. This book has taken a turn for the better and the worse. No more North Side or South Side rivals a...

  • Steph

    I cant believe Tasha sold Hal out like that damn.. then she became gay... And still kinda upset that Hal did tasha like ... And very good escape from Malik and Hal... Then damn I hope Mitch sister don...

  • Shanae

    Much better than book #5. Of course the story continues...which only serves to further aggravate me as I'm dying for this book to end. I'm most certain that Malek and Halleigh will have some sort of R...

  • Glenda

    This series is starting to wear thin as I'm tired of Halleighs weakness and the stupidity of mallek....

  • Sandra

    I love it...