A Young Man Without Magic

A Young Man Without Magic


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Lawrence Watt-Evans, author of the acclaimed Legends of Ethshar and Worlds of Shadows novels invites readers to embark on a rollicking journey in a brand-new fantasy series.

Anrel Murau is a scholar, a young man with no magical ability even though he is the son of two powerful sorcerers. Anrel’s lack of talent bars him from the ruling classes, but he is content to be a simple clerk.

Upon returning to his childhood home after years of study in the capital, Anrel finds his friends and family held under the thumb of the corrupt local lord. When this lord murders a dear friend, Anrel finds that although he’s not a sorcerer, he is not without other means to demand justice.

If he can survive life on the run, that is.

Carrying only his sword, a few coins, and his wit, Anrel must leave behind everything he has ever known, trust himself to unexpected allies, and outmaneuver leagues of enemies who will stop at nothing to keep his dangerous ideas from ever being heard. Magic and intrigue collide in a swashbuckling tale of daring escapes, beautiful witches, and one quiet young man’s rise to hero—or traitor. Nothing will ever be simple for Anrel again, as his personal quest may provide more peril for those he holds dear.

Title:A Young Man Without Magic
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    A Young Man Without Magic Reviews

  • Mike

    Believe it or not this is my first experience with veteran fantasy author Lawrence Watt-Evans. While certainly not a bad read by any means it is one rife with problems and one that feels more or less ...

  • Jeffrey

    Lawrence Watt Evans latest book suffers from a little bit of predictability. Everything that happens to Anrel Murau, the title character of the novel is too predictable. Anrel, the son of two sorcerer...

  • Donna

    I just started reading Scaramouche, and was devastated to find that plots from this book were lifted from that story. So now not only is this a bad book, it's a bad book that's partially spoiled a bet...

  • Laura

    Here in the country sorcerers looked after their subjects, as they ought to--or at least, that was how he remembered it, and he hoped that had not changed while he was studying history and law in t...

  • Tim Hicks

    Only just scrapes into that third star. Our hero is the inevitable misfit, and his struggles are mostly of the "that's so unFAIR!" variety. He can talk, but he's otherwise a dimwit and everything he ...

  • Craig

    Eh. The stilted prose almost works in this given the setting, the plot keeps the pages turning at a reasonable rate, and I liked the main character's logical thinking, even if he uses it only sporadic...

  • Dustin Puryear

    The concept is fine and the plot alright. However, the dialog kills the book. It's almost Elizabethan and gets very annoying. I was able to power through the book, but I won't read a sequel....

  • Denise

    Okay, so. You know those books about the reluctant hero that's super good at violence, or the guy who doesn't want to be a thief that is forced to? You can picture, in your head, a person with a blood...

  • D.L. Morrese

    The setting for this fantasy story is an empire in which the aristocratic class has the ability to sense and perform magic. That's what qualifies them to be aristocrats, provided they are properly tes...

  • Grimread

    I don't want to rate it 2 stars (it was ok) because I really had no trouble reading it, but I don't want to rate it 3 stars (liked it) because there is nothing gripping about this story either.Anrel i...