The Theory of Evolution

The Theory of Evolution


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A century ago Darwin and Wallace explained how evolution could have happened in terms of processes known to take place today. This book describes how their theory has been confirmed, but at the same time transformed, by recent research....

Title:The Theory of Evolution
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    The Theory of Evolution Reviews

  • Emelia

    Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. I felt at times that I was lost to the point of the science being explained, but that could of been that there was no point, simply John Maynard Smith was enlight...

  • Xander

    I decided to pick up and read John Maynard Smith's The Theory of Evolution (1995) to deepen my understanding of evultionary biology. My primary knowledge comes (mainly) from popular accounts of this f...

  • Andreas Schmidt

    Lo troLo trovo un testo interessante, anche se non ho grande interesse ad approfondire lo studio della biologia. In particolare il testo parla di grandi argomenti, il DNA (e tutto quello che ruota att...

  • Ram Vasudeva

    In his account of the theory of Evolution, JM Smith has done an exceptional service to anyone interested in wanting to know how it all works, and this is my first ever read of one of his books. He nar...