The Terror and Other Stories

The Terror and Other Stories


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Arthur Machen produced some of the most evocative weird fiction in all literary history. Written with impeccably mellifluous prose, infused with a powerful mystical vision, and imbued with a wonder and terror that he felt with every fiber of his being, his novels and tales will survive when works of far greater technical accomplishment fall by the wayside.
"The Terror" is a short novel that inspired a host of imitations of its basic plot -- animals turning against human beings -- ranging from Philip Macdonald s brief tale "Our Feathered Friends" to Daphne du Maurier s much better-known (but sadly mediocre) novelette, "The Birds." "The Terror" reveals several features characteristic of Machen s later fiction. The first, perhaps, is frank autobiography. The first-person narrative voice not only seems to be Machen himself, but he plays upon his own role as a journalist and reporter.

Title:The Terror and Other Stories
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    The Terror and Other Stories Reviews

  • Shawn

    PLACEHOLDER REVIEW:A photographer travels to Westpool during WWI to take pictures of the city in wartime, only to be awakened in the middle of the night in the extremely brief "Munitions of War". Whil...

  • Ian Casey

    The third and final volume in Chaosium's series compiling most of Arthur Machen's shorter fiction, The Terror and Other Stories features work from two decades of the patchy late period of his career, ...

  • Jay Rothermel

    The Terror is a sublime masterpiece of the weird and uncanny. Don't miss it....

  • Kelly

    Machen's influence is still felt today. He influenced an entire generation of horror, mystery and fiction writers and had profound influence on the great American writers of the pulp era. His use of f...

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    First off this was the Chaosium edition printed as a part accompaniment, part reprint of lost material along side their award winning Call Of Cthulhu based on the world of H P Lovecraft's mythos. And ...

  • Eric

    In comparison with his other works, 'The Terror' sadly is repetitive and dated. 'The Great God Pan' had a subtle mythology and 'The Three Impostures' had an underlying mystery that captured the reader...

  • H Jesseman

    Good solid tales. The better ones are those which drift into occult territories. ...

  • Colin

    One of the great inspirations of Lovecraft. ...