Self Love Notes: Uplifting Poetry, Affirmations & Quotes

Self Love Notes: Uplifting Poetry, Affirmations & Quotes


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Fill Up on Hope with Self Love Notes

Self Love Notes is a collection of uplifting poetry, affirmations, and quotes celebrating unconditionally loving ourselves. It not only inspires but also invites the reader to nurture their hearts with accepting compassion and gratitude.

This message encourages us to love and appreciate our whole selves, despite our flaws and self-defined inadequacies, yet continue to strive for growth. It is intended for those who need to be reminded of their self-worth and know that they are loved.

My beginning in life
has not been easy,
nor was it fair or pretty.
But I hold onto few regrets.

The rough road cast the armor
of my impervious shell,
creating a sustainable
updated version of me
that is nearly unbreakable.

For all of this, I am grateful.
-Impervious Shell

Organized in three chapters; Worth, Vision, and Uplift, this book is perfect for the self-doubter, overthinker, and anyone on a healing journey from past adversity.

Title:Self Love Notes: Uplifting Poetry, Affirmations & Quotes
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    Self Love Notes: Uplifting Poetry, Affirmations & Quotes Reviews

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    So viele schöne und wahre Worte, die einen in den Arm nehmen, wenn man vielleicht gerade zweifelt. Manchmal braucht man einfach so einen Zuspruch, wie man ihn in diesem Buch bekommt. Das Buch ist in ...

  • Charlene

    This time of the year is hard and amazing for me. My grandson was born in November as was my daughter. However, my mother passed right after Christmas. I do not give myself enough credit sometimes and...

  • Mary Nolan-Fesmire

    Loved these message of love to 'self'. Many wonderful self affirmations.....good 'read one a day' sort of book to remind yourself of how important self-love is!!!! ...

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    Wonderful words, it help my self to push forward and positive in life. ...

  • Denise C

    Touched me from page 1. ...

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    If your lover's attention has been wandering, the situation isn't hopeless because a great anchor is here to serve you with powerful tools with long experience. Wiccan is a powerful tool to overpower ...

  • Cami

    Truly profound and beautiful. I am slowly making my way through this book, not because it is badly or poorly written, but because it’s the opposite. I read a few poems in the morning and absorb and ...

  • Elina Scheid

    love yourself...

  • Jaymin Ewens

    A truly lovely collection of incredibly positive poetry. A genuinely great choice of book to help me start the year!...

  • Michelle Stradford