, Historical

The year is 259 AD and the Roman Empire is tumbling down a precipice.
It will take a man with iron in his veins to set things right and accomplish the impossible.
From a humble upbringing, a boy emerges who is destined to change history.
This is the story of Lucius Domitius Aurelianus.

Part IX: Issedonian

A disaster of unimaginable proportions has befallen Rome.
Unaware of the events, Lucius and Hostilius find themselves prisoners, at the mercy of the king of kings of the Sasanians. The god-king banishes the two to a far corner of the world – a place from which none has ever returned. Shapur entrusts them to his Sogdian agents, but the merchants who control the trade routes care little for the whims of kings.
Lucius and his friends are soon entangled in the machinations of the tribes that are vying for dominance over the lucrative Silk Route of Central Asia.
Arash guides our hero along a precarious path where he makes dangerous enemies but even more powerful friends.
While emperors and usurpers are destroying the very fabric of Rome, the god of war and fire is forging a warrior who is destined to conquer all.

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    Issedonian Reviews

  • Sue Merritt

    From the first page, this latest installment of the Thrice Named Man reaches out and grabs the reader. I read it once...hated to have it end!...then read it again. So that I could FULLY appreciate whe...

  • Douglas Lambell

    Still following I like the subject matter--the fall of the Roman Empire clearly did not happen based on any singular people or event, so this progression of events through this time period is fascinat...

  • James Gault

    Satisfying StuffThere are many ingredients to a good story, this one has pretty well all of them that I can think of. The hero of the piece is likeable, other characters are believable and their setti...

  • james barlow

    Brilliant Series of BooksJust finished book 9 having been unable to stop reading from book 1 . Wonderful adventure full of action blood and guts, with humour. The characters are believable and the wri...

  • Michael F Maeda

    Another episode in great taleThe ninth book in the series continues to add to the tale of The Scythian. Enjoyed this “chapter” very much and look forward to the X book in the series. ...

  • Pete

    Historical fiction at its best. The historical revelations opened up and filled in a large gap in my education. The complexity of the story is a challenge at times, but always lively and fascinating. ...

  • Allen

    Fascinating series of a forgotten timeThe characters are the highlight of this saga. The real and created personalities are meshed together in an intertwined storyline the entertains and educates simu...

  • Jefrois

    I just don’t like this series as much as other similar I have read here.Also, lots of “sipped…sip…sipping..sips,” and etc., and lots of “vomit, vomited, vomiting,” and “washed down wit...

  • Stephen E. Snow

    ExcellentLove the narrative style of this author. Like all of the previous books he has developed fully fleshed out characters that are memorable and specific. The action is non-stop and riveting. Can...

  • David Riley

    AmazingOne of the best reads for a long time enjoyable fast and furiousVery good explaining of equipment and weapons...