An Insider's Plague Year

An Insider's Plague Year


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An illuminating glimpse into the scientific response to the COVID-19 pandemic from Australia's most prominent 'insider'

In An Insider's Plague Year, Nobel laureate and prominent COVID-19 authority Professor Peter Doherty recounts his response to the pandemic as it developed from January 2020-February 2021. As citizens and governments around the world suddenly became acutely dependent on the capacity of scientists to understand and recommend appropriate public health policy responses to the disease, Doherty and his team were at the forefront.
In his always conversational style, Doherty systematically provides a deep understanding of the virus and of the numerous areas of knowledge that have been brought together in the fight against it. Rendering complex medical and scientific issues accessible and providing a fascinating glimpse into how health experts have worked with governments to control and manage the challenge, Doherty also turns his mind to what we can hope for in the months and years ahead, considering even larger questions about the pivotal role of science in our lives.

Title:An Insider's Plague Year
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  • Jennifer (JC-S)

    And now, over two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still plenty of disinformation, misinformation and hysteria circulating. Together, of course, with mutating strains of the virus.Much of th...

  • Lisa

    If there's one thing we've all learned from Covid-19 it's that good management of the pandemic depends on good, reliable and trustworthy information...As retirees,  from the beginning of the pandemic...

  • Susan Wishart

    A very topical read which I may not have chosen if we hadn't been locked down. Eminent Professor Peter Doherty's book is comprised of short explanatory pieces published on a weekly basis during the Co...

  • Sam Still Reading

    Professor Peter Doherty is well known for two things in Australia. The first is his work in immunity which resulted in him receiving a Nobel Prize and a research institute named after him. The second ...

  • Christine Weald

    I was introduced to Peter's book by a review in the SMH.  He had worked for "almost six decades" on aspects of infection and immunity.  I have worked for almost eight decades as a scientist, technol...

  • Sandra Prosser

    Goes through to Jan 2021. Even though it is aimed at non medical readers, it's quite heavy reading. Lots of concepts were explained well, with information built on in subsequent sections. It was hard ...

  • Claire Baxter

    Was interested in what it was like to work at the Institute during COVID. Unfortunately that was a really small part of the book. The bulk is a series of blog posts the author wrote for the website, m...

  • Maureen

    I enjoyed this but it wasn't what I was expecting. It is largely a composite of the weekly posts put up on the Doherty Institute website. These continue so they could still be accessed online apparent...