The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions

The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions


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Perfect for your next dinner party discussion, The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions presents some of today’s most thought-provoking ethical questions in a welcoming, easy-to-discuss Q&A format, with guidance from a renowned ethicist.

Often a single question can spark a meaningful exchange—like “Would you apply for a job you know your friend is applying for?” Or “Should voting be mandatory?” Or what about police using facial recognition technology? Questions like these spur us to consider: What would I have done? Is there one correct answer? And ultimately: How can ethics help us navigate these situations to find the best outcome for ourselves and others?

An ethicist who advises leaders and organizations worldwide, Susan Liautaud asks intriguing questions that encourage lively discussion across a range of subjects, from family and friends to health and technology to politics, work, and consumer choices. She then walks through the ways you might approach each situation to find the best answer for you.

Grab the book, gather a few friends, and dive in!

Title:The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions
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    The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions Reviews

  • joyce w. laudon

    I was very interested in exploring this title. I am a reader of the NYT’s weekly Ethicist column and that paper’s Social Q’s. I enjoy reading about a situation and thinking about what I would do...

  • Michelle

    In this short little book, ethicist Susan Liautaud brings the reader through a multitude of ethical conundrums and provides bite sized answers with fairly balanced (there's a little editorializing the...

  • Armen Shirvanian

    My interview with Dr. Susan Liautaud about "The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions":

  • Carol Custer

    This is a little gem of a book that brings forth lots of questions. I enjoyed the explanations- and thinking through how I work through each of these questions....

  • Candy

    Really got me thinking about those everyday, ethical questions......

  • Sandra

    Great book with a series of questionable situations that you really need to think about. Ideal use for a group discussion or reading on your own but definitely a must read....