My Brother's Spare

My Brother's Spare


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Valeria Anson has always been one in a set, her and her twin brother sharing everything from clothing and toys to their mother's womb.

But the one thing they didn't share was the searing image of their mother's brutal murder, one that haunts Valeria every night without fail.

Almost a decade has passed since their mother's untimely demise, and despite their father's role as Viscount and Chief of the King's Imperial Force, the masked killer has never been caught, still free to roam the snowy streets of Nieve.

Although her father and brother have given up hope of locking the killer behind bars, Valeria refuses to let the case go. But the road to the truth is a lofty one, her secret investigation leading her to Alias Black, the most infamous hitman in the kingdom. While associating with the dreaded killer goes against every one of her beliefs, the heartless assassin may be the key to finally tracking down the masked murderer that lurks in her dreams.

Lying to her family by day and working with Alias Black by night, Valeria must now walk the thin line between right and wrong, justice and revenge, dreams and reality. As the unlikely pair slowly crack the case, they unravel a truth they never could have imagined—not even in their darkest nightmares.

Title:My Brother's Spare
Edition Language:English
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    My Brother's Spare Reviews

  • Mel Torrefranca

    I've had the pleasure of working with Shira throughout the editing process of My Brother's Spare. I'm so excited for more people to read the story!...

  • Nicole Dust

    I really, really enjoyed this book! It took me a while to get into it (hence the four stars instead of five), but once Alias Black showed up I was HOOKED.Coming as no surprise to anyone, Alias was my ...

  • Thibault Busschots

    Pretty good debut novel.Valeria is looking for the masked man who killed her mother but finds a whole other assassin in the process. The assassin isn’t what he appears to be and they decide to team ...

  • Kayleigh Idea

    I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. The writing in this book is AMAZING. It was so beautiful and intriguing. It kept me turning pages. The descriptions we...

  • Rowan Elkasas

    My Brother's Spare is a book that talks about revenge and family more than a mystery .It makes you live with the characters one by one see the phycological side of them .I like how characters were wri...

  • Gee

    "You didn't commission Alias Black to commit murder—no, it was more like paying the devil himself to crawl out from underneath the cobblestones and drag unfortunate souls back with him to hell."Shir...

  • Sowon Kim

    ✨✨✨✨✨/5✨It’s been almost a decade since Valeria Anson witnessed her mother’s brutal murder. The image of the masked assassin has been haunting her to the very core during all those yea...

  • Mari_the_bookworm

    4.5 stars"There are things far worse than death.""Well aren't you a lovely little ray of pitch black."It took me some time to formulate my thoughts about this book. While reading, there were moments w...

  • alisha

    #girlboss moves but make it 19th century3/5 starsthank you to netgalley/lost island press for the e-arc!i thought this was a pretty interesting novel but it just didn’t fully captivate mei wasn’t ...

  • r o s i e ?

    First of all, a huge thanks to @lostislandpress for giving me this digital ARC, in exchange for a honest review! I just finished it a few minutes ago, and I feel like I might cry. THAT ENDING.While it...