Games We Play

Games We Play


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Jack is a faceless gamer known as The Joker. He makes a living playing video games and using his gravelly voice to bring people’s sexual fantasies to life.

When the top gaming site on the West Coast sends someone out to interview him, Quinlan walks into his apartment with her auburn curls and thick curves, and they’re instantly drawn to each other.

Quinlan has no idea of the monster that lurks beneath the surface of his calm demeanor.

Jack is quicksand, pulling her down into the dark underbelly of his desires.

To get out unscathed, she’ll need to give into the hunger she has always tried to deny.

Title:Games We Play
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    Games We Play Reviews

  • Ayman

    WARNING: coochie drowning content in this booknow now now…i told myself to pack this with me traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles for the week. i told myself this would be a good quick read for the...

  • Kat

    the words “milk me” were used i give up i give up...

  • *.??: vy hates you ! .??*

    “I’ll make you hurt, baby. Now fucking crawl to me like the dog you are.” how do you not fucking laugh at someone if they said THAT to you… like bro. who tf?? i mean.. get it i gues...

  • Mareeva

    It takes special talent to make a novella with a pet/dog kink so damn boring. Cool cover tho....

  • persephone ?

    what in the 50-shades-inspired Corpse fanfiction was that ? ...

  • Maya

    Redacting my review. Do not read this book....

  • Emma Carter

    Have you ever wanted to fuck corpse husband? If the answer is yes, read this book. ...

  • stephanieee

    UPDATE 02/27/22So more information has come out regarding this author and yeah. No. I don’t think I’ll be reading anything else by Dana Isaly. But if you want to, go ahead. But be aware that what ...

  • Isabella. R

    4 Told You You’d See God Stars ⭐Games We Play was smoking hot and impressively kinky. A one-night stand between a gamer and a journalist conducting an interview; these two were deviantly perfect t...

  • Madita

    I dont support authors that completely disrespect s.a victims and plagiarise...