A Soldier's Penance

A Soldier's Penance


Marcus Varro and Caius Falco have revenge to take and treasure to reclaim. As soldiers in the Roman Army at war with Macedonia they own precious little. When a gold necklace as thick as a man's thumb is stolen from them, they undertake a plan to retrieve it. Their target is a beloved slave of their own Consul and under heavy guard. Yet they are undaunted.

The plan goes awry. In the confusion, the slave is killed. Forgetting the necklace, Varro and Falco scramble to cover their misdeeds. All the while, guilt for the slave's death gnaws at Varro's heart.

Soon suspicion falls on them. Both are imprisoned and face a trial certain to end in their executions. But salvation comes from an unexpected benefactor. Varro and Falco will be forgiven, but must first complete a deadly mission deep in enemy territory. Eager for redemption, Varro accepts. Can he lead his men through Macedonia and return everyone alive?

Title:A Soldier's Penance
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    A Soldier's Penance Reviews

  • Terri Soukup

    What happened to proofreading?I really like these books, they're well written, entertaining and informative. My only problem is the poor editing. It's like running into a speed bump, interrupting the ...

  • melvia mccann

    A soldier’s penance First three books weave a tale thru late republican times in the Roman legion ,it’s not sparrow ,mace or Tunney, but it’s a decent yarn. Hopefully the pace and events will a...

  • Phyllis Stewart

    I'm doneMr Autieri is a prolific author. I now know the secret to his speed and output. I dare you, sir, to count the number of times in each book you use the description 'heavy brow.'That will supply...

  • Jefrois

    In my Opinion, a real POS. Lots of “saliva” and “mouth-watering,” and “his mouth filled with,” spit, and sweat and blood and tears (as in “weeping”), and other disgusting stuff to try ...

  • Mr P L Hughes

    Rome book 3Book three in this series completed in one day, onwards to book 4! Really enjoying this continuing story line, familiar characters with new twists and turns....