The Alchemy Thief (Pirates and Puritans #1)

The Alchemy Thief (Pirates and Puritans #1)


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When the secrets of the past threaten to destroy the future.

A tale of hope, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a woman, this sweeping epic spans the Atlantic from New England to Morocco during the Age of Exploration.

2019: A young woman finds a relic engraved with a mysterious symbol off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. Terrorists in Morocco steal a 17th-century book engraved with the same symbol. As the woman struggles to unravel the secrets behind the symbol, her life changes in ways she could never have imagined.

1657: Transported back in time, she meets the alchemist, John Winthrop, Jr. who is plotting to lure the greatest scientific minds to the New World. But the more she learns, the more she fears for the lives of the loved ones she left behind.

In a stunning twist of fate, a modern terrorist has traveled into the past, where he has become a Barbary Corsair. He has plans of his own. And he will stop at nothing to succeed.

Title:The Alchemy Thief (Pirates and Puritans #1)
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    The Alchemy Thief (Pirates and Puritans #1) Reviews

  • Sunshine Somerville

    4.5 starsThe best review I can give of this book is to tell you the progression of what I thought as I read along:“Oh, no. Another book with a young woman sorting out her faith versus an Islamic ter...

  • Tamara

    Title: The Alchemy ThiefAuthor: R.A Denny Genre: fantasy, historyRating: 4 out of 5This was quite an interesting read. I haven’t read any time travel novels set in Puritan New England (Well, before ...

  • Kristy Sherrod

    First, thank you to the author for sending me the book! Normally, I’m not one for fiction mixed with things like time-travel but I wanted to give this one a try since I do enjoy historical fiction. ...

  • Katreader

    THE ALCHEMY THIEF by R. A. DennyThe First Pirates & Puritans BookIn 2019 Peri Fuller is enjoying life, excited to be a freshman at Harvard being wooed by a wealthy older student. She’s also intrigue...

  • Rich

    Peri is a freshman at Harvard who finds an ancient palladium bodkin in the shallow waters off Martha's Vineyard. During a storm, the bodkin attracts some ball lightning, and she is transported to the ...

  • Angela Cullar

    Thank you to the author for submitting this book for review!R.A. Denny always seems to have a knack for taking bits of genres and making her own, for coming up with unique ideas and making them actual...

  • Susan Lundy

    The Alchemy Thief starts another genre-busting fiction series by R.A. Denny. Because I had purchased and read her previous series, I am delighted to review her pre-published version of this new work. ...

  • Jan farnworth

    The Alchemy Thief started slow. Usually, I'm not too fond of it when books start slow. But, in this instance, Peri and Ayoub's backstories needed it. Ayoub is an Islamic terrorist kid who helps his mo...

  • Lisa

    I enjoy a good time travel read, and this one had a bit of a different take on it. Here, time travel involves alchemy.Ayoub is a Moroccan boy, growing up Muslim, learning what can only be called terro...

  • Sarah

    The Alchemy Thief, by R.A. Denny, is a book that will take you by surprise in the best way possible.Read my full review on this epic read here: