The Night Shift

The Night Shift


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It’s New Year’s Eve 1999. Y2K is expected to end in chaos: planes falling from the sky, elevators plunging to earth, world markets collapsing. A digital apocalypse. None of that happens. But at a Blockbuster Video in Linden, New Jersey, four teenage girls working the night shift are attacked. Only one survives. Police quickly identify a suspect who flees and is never seen again.

Fifteen years later, in the same town, four teenage employees working late at an ice cream store are attacked, and again only one makes it out alive.

Both surviving victims recall the killer speaking only a few final words... “Goodnight, pretty girl.”

In the aftermath, three lives intersect: the survivor of the Blockbuster massacre who’s forced to relive her tragedy; the brother of the original suspect, who’s convinced the police have it wrong; and the FBI agent, who’s determined to solve both cases. On a collision course toward the truth, all three lives will forever be changed, and not everyone will make it out alive.

Twisty, poignant, and redemptive, The Night Shift is a story about the legacy of trauma and how the broken can come out on the other side, and it solidifies Alex Finlay as one of the new leading voices in the world of thrillers.

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    The Night Shift Reviews

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    Happy pub day to this unputdownable addiction! 🥳🎉🥂🎈Oh my! May I have your attention please? I think after devouring one of the best thing I’ve read lately, I can honestly say: I want to ...

  • Kat

    Normalize spoiling yourself for thrillers the millisecond you feel even a hint of boredom….DNF @ 21%...

  • Yun

    Sometimes I feel a bit jaded with thrillers. They're a dime a dozen and most hardly even cause me to blink, let alone thrill me. But then something like The Night Shift comes along and I remember agai...

  • Meredith

    A Riveting Read! The Night Shift is a compulsively readable thriller about the night crew of a Blockbuster being murdered on New Year’s Eve in 1999. Fast forward 15 years and the closing crew of a l...

  • MarilynW

    The Night Shift by Alex Finlay Two timelines, two sets of young people slaughtered, fifteen years apart. Are the two crimes connected? Could the killer be the same person?. FBI agent Sarah Keller is c...

  • megs_bookrack

    **4.5-stars rounded up**On December 31, 1999, a mass murder occurred at a Blockbuster Video store in Linden, New Jersey. The vicious closing time attack left three teenage girls and their manager dead...

  • Regina

    The Night Shift is a totally fine thriller with short bingeable chapters that you can read in day if you’re so inclined. There’s a mass murder of teen girls in 1999, then lather, rinse, repeat, an...

  • Mary Beth

    Goodnight Pretty Girl!New Years Eve 1999Y2K was an usual friday night at the Block Buster Video Store in Linden, New Jersey. Steve the manager closed that night at 10 PM. He usually closed at 2 AM. Th...

  • Dorie  - Cats&Books :)

    ***NOW AVAILABLE*** I think I feel a bit differently about this book than some other reviews that I’ve read. For me I felt as though the first half of the book was much more slowly paced than his la...

  • Michael David

    HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY!Remember the nerves and uncertainty in the air on the eve of Y2K?That’s exactly where this book starts off, on December 31st, 1999 at a Blockbuster Video Store (oh, how I love ...