War God from the Sea (erilaR, #3)

War God from the Sea (erilaR, #3)


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The year is 471 AD.
Ragnar and his kin arrive on the distant shores of Scandza, right in the middle of a growing conflict between the Svear and their arch enemies, the Gautar. Guided by the hand of fate, they become embroiled in a struggle for tribal dominance which soon escalates to a quest fueled by greed, revenge and desire.
Meanwhile, in the lands of the Empire, the Romans continue their designing and incite the tribes to take up the sword against their fellow barbarians, drawing the Heruli into a conflict that could spell their demise.
But for the tribes to prosper, Rome has to endure. Ragnar and his companions have to outwit and outfight the Heruli’s ancient enemies to keep the Empire from falling into the hands of the conniving Goths.
Ragnar faces overwhelming odds, but the gods have ordained it long before. In the fires of destruction, a new power is being forged – one which is destined to conquer all.

Title:War God from the Sea (erilaR, #3)
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    War God from the Sea (erilaR, #3) Reviews

  • Diane

    Very good history novel of an era not well known. Great attention to historical details and characters - with eye to link the key people together. Also very good at connecting written records and arch...

  • Douglas Lambell

    Short installmentI am enjoying this tale of an era about which I knew little, other than the broad category of the fall of Rome. I enjoy the detail of the various clans and the history of the Norse pe...

  • Sue Merritt

    If early European history is a favorite, you MUST read Hector MillerThe erilaR series is a fascinating alternative to the Norse/Danish/Swedish roots theories. Having read more books on this subject th...

  • Victor S Southern

    OK - Hector Miller certainly knows how to keep a tale going but by the third instalment of one of his sagas one becomes bored and bewildered with the vast number of historical figures who are encounte...

  • Pete

    Light in the dark Another great novel of historical fiction. As with all such books; I am inspired to read more of the history of the era. It also reminds me that all history is interpretive fiction. ...

  • Colin Davies

    Hector MillerSooo good. Absolutely gutted that I've finished it. Can't wait for the next book in the series.I loved it....

  • Robert Strahan

    Hard to followIt's not bad, it bounced around so much it was hard to follow. There didn't seem to be any main plot. I hope the next one is more focused....

  • Chase

    Loving it!The tale of Ragnar is compelling and I'm loving what Miller is doing with this series, definitely a must read!...

  • David Riley

    Brilliant bookswExcellent read just want to keep story going where will they all end up very griping enjoyable more please thanks...

  • Richard Sutton

    I am well pleasedI need some real history, and very little romance. These books have delivered. I often do not finish a book if the story is not well written. ...