Halloween Land: A Coming of Age Novella

Halloween Land: A Coming of Age Novella


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An action-packed, coming of age horror tale, full of twists, turns and unexpected adventures.

Zak and Wendy are a couple of horror buffs who love Halloween.
In their sleepy, run-down little town, an exciting attraction promises to inject some life into the place for one special night only. A travelling carnival, making its debut on Halloween.

Anticipation builds, and the mysterious 'Halloween Land' carnival is the talk of the town; the calliope music, bright lights, and sweet and savoury smells from the pop-up carnival lure in the crowds flocking to the pier. The two teenage friends Zak and Wendy are eager to be among the first.
Revelations unfold, mysteries peek from the outer limits. The kids have to think and act fast to defeat the evil that's come to town and it’s nothing like in the movies!

This tale is full of mystery, fun, magic, tension and dread.

Step up for the ride, give your ticket to the clown, she'll show you a good time; no one can say where you will end up, but it'll be a wicked ride!

Title:Halloween Land: A Coming of Age Novella
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    Halloween Land: A Coming of Age Novella Reviews

  • Mort

    Step right up, everybody!Are you ready to eat until you puke, go on life-threatening rides that were hastily assembled in a day and get swindled out of your hard earned money?Carnivals – the best pl...

  • Angela

    “Tomorrow a few people will be missing, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. The carnival, and all traces of it, will be gone forever, and no one will even remember it was here.” Halloween La...

  • Zoltan Komor

    I always adored carnival horror books and circus–themed writings; Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury and Geek Love by Katherine Dunn are still on my favourite books of all time list, an...

  • B.J. Swann

    I read about 30% of this before bailing on it. Here’s my shopping list of problems with the book:- Bland and underdeveloped characters- Clumsy info dumps- Bland and awkward dialogue - Prose that is ...

  • Michael Cushing

    I received a copy of this Novella to read for reviewing purposes. First off, I'm definitely the wrong audience to market this type of Novel to as my tastes run to the more extreme. However, this isn't...

  • Andrew Kurtz

    Where is Halloween Land? It exists in a realm beyond your most horrifying nightmares. This is no ordinary Carnival. It is alive and wants your soul. You will encounter pumpkin headed creatures that wa...

  • Nicholas Gray

    This was a solid read for me. It did seem a bit rushed, like maybe this was the authors first draft, and there were awkward sentences here and there, but the story itself was good. I wish we spent som...

  • Brandy

    Okay, my new phone is a freaking ASS and with one accidental swipe, my entire review is GONE and I need to start again. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Okay, just needed to vent… Anyway..Halloween LandBy: ...

  • Bridgett

    If you love the idea of a time-and-space travelling carnival, which collects souls everywhere it goes...this is the fun, and immensely clever, novella for you. Kevin J. Kennedy has created a fabulo...

  • Karla Kay

    "Zak and Wendy loved Halloween, and this wasn’t just any old Halloween; this was the Halloween that Halloween Land was coming to town!"This started out really good. The way the carnival was describe...