To the Gap

To the Gap

The secret of Lainie's forbidden magical gifts has been exposed, and Silas wants to take her far away from the Wildings to a place where she can be safe. To earn money for the journey, Silas signs them up to work on the big annual cattle drive to the Gap.

Lainie dreams of making the Wildings into a place where she and Silas and other mages can live in peace. The cattle drive is the perfect opportunity for her and Silas to show the Plain settlers of the Wildings that not all mages are wicked, heartless monsters.

While Silas has reason to believe that the danger to Lainie is worse than he thought, Lainie can't agree that leaving the Wildings is the answer. As they travel with the herd, Lainie and Silas must avoid being captured or killed by mage hunters and discovered by the mage-hating Plains, while protecting the herd from renegade mages looking for money and trouble. And they have to find a way to resolve the disagreement between them - do they seek refuge in a faraway land or stand and face the dangers of being outlaw mages in the Wildings? - before it tears them apart.

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Title:To the Gap
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    To the Gap Reviews

  • Pauline Ross

    Well, that was a ball of fun, and no mistake. I've been loving the whole Daughter of the Wildings series, but I positively inhaled this fourth installment, quite unable to tear myself away from it. Fo...

  • Violet Stone

    This was definitely better than the previous books but it was still lacking. It was a bit boring, filled with herding cattle more than anything else it seemed like. The same 'ol being shunned for bein...

  • Kyra Halland

    We're going on a cattle drive! Danger, romance, magic, adventure - and cows. Did you know cows could swim? Silas didn't. You learn something new every day! Book 4 of Daughter of the Wildings....