Beneath the Canyons

Beneath the Canyons


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The bounty hunter. The rancher's daughter. They share the same dangerous secret - magic.

Silas Vendine, mage and bounty hunter, has followed a trail of strange, dark magic to the Wildings town of Bitterbush Springs, where he lands in the middle of a violent feud - and discovers that a local rancher's daughter is hiding a deadly secret.

Lainie Banfrey has been taught all her life that wizards are unnatural creatures with no heart and no soul. If anyone finds out she has magical powers, she could end up on the wrong end of a hanging rope. But when a bounty hunter shows up searching for the man who has brought Lainie's hometown to the brink of open warfare, his magic calls to hers, and she agrees to help him.

As they fall for each other - in defiance of the strict laws of the Mage Council - Silas and Lainie must stop the renegade mage before the dark power he has discovered destroys everyone who lives in the Wildings.

Beneath the Canyons is the first book in the innovative Daughter of the Wildings epic romantic fantasy-western series. If you love magic, adventure, and romance in a unique setting, come discover the wonders and mysteries of the Wildings today!

Contains language, violence, and mild to moderate sensual content.

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Title:Beneath the Canyons
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    Beneath the Canyons Reviews

  • Pauline Ross

    What could possibly improve a good old-fashioned western? Why, a little magic, that's what. Yes, folks, what we have here is a western/fantasy mash-up, complete with horses tied up outside the saloon,...

  • Beth

    I read this as part of the Noblebright kindle box setNot bad, some interesting twists.... honestly expected her to be handed off to the Shaman....

  • J.R.

    This book had me from page one. It has fantasy, mystery, and western with a great romance plot throughout. The intrigue kept me turning the page, and the well-developed characters made me care about w...

  • Robynn

    I found this book after reading a post about the noblebright genre at The New Authors' Fellowship. The price was right, so I downloaded the Kindle version. I read it in one evening. This reads like a ...

  • Pamela Cummins

    Last year, I purchased eBooks 1-3 of this series through Smashwords during their annual sale and enjoyed this unique series so much that I bought the rest of the series at full price. I loved this ser...

  • Traslan

    You know the laugh you do after 'reading' a shitty book..?Yeah - that's me right now 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不...

  • Maron Anrow

    Beneath the Canyons is a Wild West romance with a touch of fantasy-style magic. It begins with Silas, a magic-wielding bounty hunter who visits a western-style town in search of a lawless wizard. He q...

  • Sharon Stevenson

    'Beneath the Canyons' is the first book in a series that mixes a wild west setting with a fantasy storyline. Lainie is a young woman who has inherited powers that she must keep hidden to stay safe fro...

  • Christina

    It could just about be your standard western plot: ranchers versus miners, saloon brawls, a feisty cowgirl, a mysterious stranger who comes to town. Sprinkle a little magic over it, and you've got som...

  • Ria Bridges

    Westerns are really hit-or-miss for me. I dont have a spectacular amount of interest in them as a genre or subgenre, though I do admit that the setting can hold some appeal for certain types of sto...