Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 12

Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 12


, 2021

Homicide on the high seas. Repeatedly.

Twelve cozy mysteries from International Bestselling Author Susan Harper

Hope Harper has spent four years working her way up on the Caribbean Honey cruise ship and is sure a promotion is finally coming her way. When she gets passed over again, and for a pretentious young man with less experience, she could just...well, you know. When a cruise guest is killed, she is thrown in the middle of a murder mystery on the high seas. Then there’s a deadly beach party and a lethal bidding war at a charity auction. And that’s just the beginning. Can she put her feelings aside and solve these mysteries, or will the criminals get the best of her and the crew?

The Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery Boxed Set contains the entire Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries with interesting characters, exotic locations, and unexpected twists, you’re going to love the Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery series.

Included stories: Drugged on Deck, Dead in the Water, Stolen at Sea, Excursions to Die For, Violence On Vacation, Island Investigation, Body at the Banquet, Chaos at the Casino, Hot Bids and Cold Bodies, Murder at the Museum, A Deadly Reunion, and The Final Piece

Title:Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 12
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    Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 12 Reviews

  • Pete

    This is a very generous collection of the 12 books that make up this fun series. Following the adventures of Hope who works on board the ship, hoping to become social director, but having to carry out...

  • Jamie Jack

    Tedious at PointsThis box set contains 12 cozy mystery novellas that all happen to take place on the same cruise ship. I wasn't aware of the length of the books in this box set until I opened it up, a...


    Susan Harper needs work!To Susan Harper Author: I am being extremely critical here. While your ideas are okay, the thought process is shallow! First of all, you need to decide several things in your b...

  • Merry Chapman

    This boxed set if amazing! I have read every book in the set individually but I had to have the set so I can read them again. A wonderful series that not only gives you great characters, but incredibl...

  • Terri

    The Caribbean Cruise Cozy Boxed Set is a delightful series set aboard the Caribbean Honey. Hope, the main character, has been passed over for a promotion she expected to get. Instead, the cruise line ...

  • Joyce

    Having read 3 out of the 12 books previously, it is great being able to binge the ones I missed. What I love about this series is even if you missed the previous books, there is a small recap of the p...

  • Neeta

    A Smirk Is Not Pleasant!These books beg for a human with a blue pencil! A thesaurus would take them from readable to classics. The ideas are there. I read all twelve books but if I never read the word...

  • Kristi

    A great collection of fun and entertaining cozy mysteries. You can choose to read them all or just a few, but trust me you'll want to read them all after you read one. The author does a fantastic job ...

  • Judy Gittleson Hendrickson

    A dozen fun cozy mysteries that happen aboard a cruise ship. Hope and some friends search for clues to a different murder each storyline. Common sense along with surprises and twists, keep the stories...

  • Kathleen K. Goodbaudy

    A wonderful adventureI first found the first 4 books in the series and read them. Then I went looking for the rest of them. They are so good I reread all of the previous ones before finishing the seri...