Free Ride

Free Ride


, arc, 2021

Hooking up with the wrong man can change everything…

I thought he’d be the one to whisk me off my feet and take me away from this small town.
Turns out, he’s a monster who corrupts beautiful souls and thrives off controlling them with drugs and money.
I tried to escape him once, but it almost killed me, and now I’m fighting to find my way out.
Then Rodney McAllister rides into my life. An ex-military motorcycle riding badass with a devilishly handsome smile that will knock me off my feet if I’m not careful.
I can’t afford to be distracted by another handsome possessive man, especially not when I’m so close to freedom.
But Rodney is rough, tough, charming, and makes me feel safe for the first time in a long time.
Until my ex discovers the two of us spending time together.
Suddenly nowhere is safe and everyone I love is in mortal danger.
My only option is to trust Rodney with the scars of my past, but is it too late?

Twenty-four of your favorite short and steamy authors have come together to bring you a new motorcycle romance series! The Men of Valor are more than ex-military bikers – they know what it means to go the distance for love. Hop on the back of a bike and hold on tight to your new book boyfriend – it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

Title:Free Ride
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    Free Ride Reviews

  • Archana

    Jane depended on the wrong guy and it has cost her a lot, her money, her apartment, her beloved camera, and now her father’s life. She’s been saving to get away from her ex, Jackson, who is a drug...

  • Nova

    I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book.Jane used to have the perfect life with the perfect man, but it didn’t take long for Jackson to show his true colours and he took ever...

  • Debbie Benson

    I am voluntarily leaving a review after receiving a free copy. Jane is planning to leave Valor as soon as she can afford it and be rid of her ex as well. However Jackson is not willing to let her go. ...

  • Rosa Dunahue

    Free Ride is Jane and Rodney story. Jane is smart and hardworking. She is doing everything to save up to get away from her ex Jackson. But as fate would have it Jane meets Rodney and as she on her way...

  • Lisa

    Jane dreams of traveling the country and getting away from the small town she is stuck in.  Her parents are both in a nursing home and don't know who she is most of the time.  She feels alone.  She...

  • Judy Gittleson Hendrickson

    Hot Rod (Rodney) is part of the Men of Valor MC, but is more of a loner than most. Repairing his bike at the repair shop in town, he crosses paths with Jane and something flairs between them. Going to...

  • Aliama

    A Men of Valour series book. Jane is planning to leave Valour as soon as she can save enough money. She wants to get away from her crazy ‘boyfriend’ but she doesn’t want to leave her parents who...

  • Samantha

    I received an ARC from the author thru Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving my review. This is another good addition to the Men of Valor MC series. This is the love story between Jane and Rodney. Whi...

  • Michele

    This was an interesting storyline of Jane trying to fix her ride where she meets Rodney, who does everything he can to give her a free ride. I liked how spunky and a go getter Jane was, she worked har...

  • Suzanne Houser

    Anita Knight joins the Men of Valor MC series with Free Ride. This is a wonderfully written, steamy and sweet story of a protective alpha - the swoon-worthy Rodney aka "Hot Rod" - and the smart and sa...