Van Gogh and the Artists He Loved

Van Gogh and the Artists He Loved


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The compelling story of how Vincent van Gogh developed his audacious, iconic style by immersing himself in the work of others, featuring hundreds of paintings by Van Gogh as well as the artists who inspired him--from the New York Times bestselling co-author of Van Gogh: The Life.

Vincent van Gogh's paintings look utterly unique--his vivid palette and boldly interpretive portraits are unmistakably his. Yet however revolutionary his style may have been, it was actually built on a strong foundation of paintings by other artists, both his contemporaries and those who came before him.

Now, drawing on Van Gogh's own thoughtful and often profound comments about the painters he venerated, Steven Naifeh gives a gripping account of the artist's deep engagement with their work. We see Van Gogh's gradual discovery of the subjects he would make famous, from wheat fields to sunflowers. We watch him experimenting with the loose brushwork and bright colors used by Édouard Manet, studying the Pointillist dots used by Georges Seurat, and emulating the powerful depictions of the peasant farmers painted by Jean-François Millet, all vividly illustrated in nearly three hundred full-color images of works by Van Gogh and a variety of other major artists, including Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, positioned side by side.

Thanks to the vast correspondence from Van Gogh to his beloved brother, Theo, Naifeh, a Pulitzer Prize winner, is able to reconstruct Van Gogh's artistic world from within. Observed in eloquent prose that is as compelling as it is authoritative, Van Gogh and the Artists He Loved enables us to share the artist's journey as he created his own daring, influential, and widely beloved body of work.

Title:Van Gogh and the Artists He Loved
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    Van Gogh and the Artists He Loved Reviews

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    A beautiful piece of work, and a labor of love in more ways than one. Artist, art historian, and biographer Steven Naifeh has put together an opulent assemblage of chapters discussing Vincent Van Gogh...

  • Susan

    After reading Van Gogh: The Life, I find this book an added treat. Very Interesting, hundreds of reproductions including the works of artists that influenced him. Very nice!...

  • Ellen Woodoff

    This gorgeous book has large reproductions of many works of Van Gogh and the artists he admired. It is a remarkably researched book - a hallmark of the author. Not a redo of Van Gogh A Life, this book...

  • Julie

    Loved this book and its format—each chapter was about an artist/art school, location, or subject that inspired Van Gogh. It has beautiful graphics, photos, and paintings, and I learned about a few n...

  • Vicky D.

    Beautiful, ...

  • Jenny Rekeweg

    Loved this perspective to Van Gogh’s art....

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    Logged for Kylie 2022...

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    Boring- but some interesting facts...