Embers of Hope (Winds of Change, #2)

Embers of Hope (Winds of Change, #2)


, 2021

Determination to succeed drove them apart. Could the same thing bring them back together?

Determined. Driven. Career-focused. Three words that sum up Abigail Tolbrook perfectly. Three words she prides herself on. She’s a high-achiever, and quickly climbed the corporate ladder to land her dream job working for an international mining company. On paper, she is the epitome of success. But beneath the surface, she has nothing to show for her hard work and achievements except exhaustion and a coffee addiction. Not to mention the loneliness of living in a new city with no friends. She misses her family – especially her mother, Sandra, who is planning her wedding to Damien Kensington, the man she roadtripped around Queensland with.

But a random reunion with her old flame, Noah Jennings, has her wondering about a different future than she’d imagined. Could there possibly be more to life than she originally planned?

Noah Jennings had his life planned out. Study. Graduate from law school. Pass the bar. Marry. Start a family. Everything was going smoothly, until his wife suddenly passed away. Left reeling and questioning why God would allow such a thing to happen, he moves to Sydney to live with his parents, because there’s no way he can juggle a career with being a single father. But the grass isn't always greener. He works longer hours. His stress levels are high. And he rarely sees his daughter.

A chance meeting with his old girlfriend, Abigail, provides a glimmer of hope in the midst of his hectic life in a new city.
Until the company she works for becomes embroiled in a scandal and leaves them both questioning their life choices.

What is the point of it all? What is my purpose? Does God really care?

Can they both overcome the past to establish new priorities and find a way forward?

Embers of Hope is book 2 in the Winds of Change series, an uplifting series of family, love and faith.

Title:Embers of Hope (Winds of Change, #2)
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    Embers of Hope (Winds of Change, #2) Reviews

  • Debbie Chatley

    Such an inspirational book. I love books like this one that while I can get caught up in the story, also make an impact on my life and make my think. In this romantic story you will meet Noah and Abby...

  • Vicki or Dennis Johnson

    An inspiring and emotional second chance story that will delight readers of Christian romance. This story is so well written and the storyline is exceptional - imagine meeting the love of your life ac...

  • Debbie

    In this book you read about the loss of a family member and trying to be a good parent on your own. Abigail and Noah’s story is truly inspirational. Reading about the struggles they are going throug...

  • Susan Jalosky

    I love the theme of second chance love! This book has lots of heart break, old friendships, new beginnings and happily ever afters. The need to reprioritize the direction God wants our lives to follow...

  • Ann Bester

    I really enjoyed reading Embers of Hope. It was well written and the story flowed easily. It reminded me that in life we do sometimes get second chances and how we handle those can determine our futur...

  • SJ Garrison

    Enjoyed Noah and Abby's story. Noah lost his wife to a car accident leaving him with their daughter to raise alone. Abby had her heart broke in college by Noah and had never opened her heart again. Wo...

  • Laura Bowman

    Abigail is a determined, career-focused and has her dream job. But when she accidently runs into her old flame, Noah Jennings, now a widowed single dad, she begins to wonder about what could have been...

  • Janice Sisemore

    Embers of hope I loved Noah and Abigail story in Embers of hope. Noah is a widower with a young girl. Abigail is just trying to find her way in life. They both have something in common, which is they ...

  • Sandy

    Have you felt like your life was an unending merry-go-round experience?Abigail and Noah did and had demanding jobs that took up so much time that they were neglecting the important things (relationshi...

  • Mary A. Lopp

    I enjoyed reading this book about a lot of heart break, old friend ships and new beginnings. I loved the story about Noah and Abigail. They both have something in common and that is they work to hard....