The Temporary Roomie

The Temporary Roomie


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What happens when you have to play nice with your greatest enemy? Revenge.

Drew Marshall may have let me move into his spare bedroom while my house is being renovated, but don’t think for one second his kindness comes without strings. Big, ugly, fake relationship strings.

That’s okay, though, Dr. Andrew. I’ll agree to your terms, move into your house, and act like
your girlfriend when the big day comes; but I also plan to make your life miserable—make you pay for what you did to me.

I may not be good at forgiving or forgetting, but I’m excellent at getting even.

Get ready to laugh until you cry with this sizzling, hilarious, closed-door romantic comedy!

Title:The Temporary Roomie
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    The Temporary Roomie Reviews

  • syd?

    *turns on mic* ok everyone im just saying yall need to read sarah adams books because they're amazing *turns off mic* the temporary roomie is another fav read from sarah adams!! ok first of all this b...

  • Allison Mayberry

    A fun enemies-to-lovers romance that involves a hot doctor and the most epic of prank wars? Sign. Me. Up! The Temporary Roomie was a cute, wholesome story about Jessie, a pregnant hairstylist, and Dre...

  • Lauren (thebookscript)

    If you’d like to improve your day...pick up a Sarah Adam’s book. Sarah’s books were some of the very first contemporary romances I’ve ever read and I have to say that every time I read them I ...

  • Ins

    THIS WAS PERFECT. IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. Where do I begin? Well the synopsis sounded just right up my alley. But then? It got 1000 times better.So, both characters are very likeable. Jessie got in my ...

  • Tara

    Do you ever have a trope you just don’t love? Pregnancy romance, that’s one for me. I don’t know what it is I don’t love about it, but there’s just usually something about it that just doesn...

  • Amy Tippins

    I loved this one!! I read the first book in the series and have been anxiously awaiting this second one. It did not disappoint! Sarah Adams took the humor up to another level in The Temporary Roomie a...

  • Dikshya Pattnaik

    My my!! I never thought I'd ever find another pair of crazy heads who loved to make each other miserable and hot & heavy, other than June & Ryan from The Enemy. I must say I really had the bar set up ...

  • Sarah

    Holy prank wars! This closed-door enemies to lovers romantic comedy trope was exactly what I needed... hilarious prank after hilarious prank... I totally devoured Sarah Adam’s story. With laugh out ...

  • Brook Obsessed

    A super cute enemies to lovers, opposites attract romance with a pregnant prankster falling for the responsible doctor. A comical and quick read with serious tension, laugh out loud banter, and the be...

  • Cathy

    I LOVED this book! I have been wanting to read it since I finished The Off Limits Rule. Sarah Adams is the queen of writing closed door rom-coms. Her books make me laugh so hard! This one does have so...