Swapped Bride

Swapped Bride

My father has wronged a powerful man. A man who seeks revenge.

He demands the one thing my father loves: my twin sister as a bride.

As far as the world is concerned, I died eleven years ago.

The truth is, I’m scarred. An embarrassment. So I’m locked away in a tower.

When the Fox demands my sister as payment, we hatch a plan. With one harmless switch, she can avoid this wedding. I can escape my tower. Everybody wins.

Everybody except the Fox, that is.

The plan works perfectly, except for one thing--the Fox is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. He takes me over, body and soul, with barely a glance. Suddenly more than anything, I wish this wedding was real.

Too bad I’m all caught up in my lies.

And now my heart is on the line.

Swapped Bride is a short and steamy insta-love story, with an OTT possessive alpha and the woman who brings him to his knees.

Title:Swapped Bride
Edition Language:English
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    Swapped Bride Reviews

  • Jenny

    This was a new author for me. It was ok nothing special. Epilogue needed more details. Like how many kids did they have? It is a short story but could have been better....

  • Darlene I read WAY to many books

    New author and its pretty fast pace and sweet with tiny tiny drama. Nora is the scarred twin sister the one who's father doesn't love, so when her sister says she being forced to marry they trade plac...

  • Lori

    3.5I read this a while ago but it was pretty good. I love switch stories. Safety: (view spoiler)[ virgin h, no info on H from what I remember, age gap (hide spoiler)]...

  • RCK *don?t be all, like, uncool*

    Short read. No real drama. Insta love. ...

  • Mili

    Tenia de todo para ser una buena historia corta, pero fue muy a la ligera, si se desarrollaba más iba a creer ciertas cositas que pasaron, pero bueno, me gustó un poco....

  • Lauren

    This was a fun read with an over the top hero. When Nora and Garrett meet, he's absolutely smitten. It was really cute and I loved how he never wanted to let her go....

  • lf

    The Fox takes a bride....but what happens when he discovers it is not the one he thought it would beSwapped Bride is the first book in the Twin Swap series. This is the also the first book that Cassie...

  • Kat4

    Quick instaThis was a very quick read, an OTT alpha and a sweet young woman. It was missing some key info, such as; we didn't hear her tell him anything about being abused and neglected for 11 years, ...

  • eevee

    Nora’s sister has to pay the price of their father’s recklessness by an arranged marriage. But Nora, always hidden away from view, knows that she can deceive the groom if even for a short period. ...

  • Rose

    Sisterly love may lead to love.I kind of loved this story. It was short but entertaining and enjoyable. The characters were interesting and likable although I am hoping that daddy dearest gets some co...