A Season at War

A Season at War


Marcus Varro and Caius Falco are Roman legionaries in an army tasked with punishing Philip V of Macedonia. They have tasted battle, faced the horrors of war, and remained steadfast. Yet as the campaign and the deprivations of warfare grind on, not all soldiers hold up.

When one of their companions deserts, Varro and Falco are disgraced along with their entire contubernium. Worse still, they face the fustuarium -- where fellow soldiers will beat them to death for the shame of allowing a desertion. To avoid this execution and restore their honor, they must return the deserter dead or alive.

Varro and Falco struggle to find their former companion amid the chaotic battlefields of the Second Macedonian War. Every day that passes, every clash with the enemy, drives away their target and their hopes. How will they capture one man amid a sea of ever-shifting enemies?

Title:A Season at War
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  • peter david mitchell

    On Macedonian campaignHarsh treatment and gruelling work contribute to the desertion of a member of the contubernium of our heroes Varro and Falco. Narrowly escaping a death sentence they set about tr...

  • Diane Black

    Excellent!!Unputdownable, as always, with an Autieri book! And his loyal fans will enjoy it as much as I have done. ...

  • Mr P L Hughes

    second book in the series Having only finished book 1 yesterday I started A Season at War last night and finished this afternoon, says it all really, now for the next one!...

  • John o byrne

    Keep them comingJust finished the second book in this series it better than the first hope the author gets the next one out as soon as possible...

  • Stephen Aitken

    Looking forward to starting the next in the series ...