The Border Wolves

The Border Wolves


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The final thrilling tale of the House of Appius Julianus.
A new and deadly threat has emerged at the outskirts of the Roman Empire on the Danube, one that threatens to throw the entire region into chaos.

Correus, risen to prefect of a cavalry ala on the border, and Flavius, advisor to the emperor, have both attempted to warn the erratic Domitian of the seriousness of this foe, but to no avail.

With trouble at home in the form of an irate senator, as well as the impending doom of a devastating military loss, the two brothers must use their accumulated experience, grit and trust in each other to ensure their family’s safety, once and for all.

The final book in the epic Centurions series, and the first instalment for almost forty years, a moving and powerful adventure, and a must-read for all historical fiction fans, ideal for readers of Conn Iggulden, Rosemary Sutcliff and Simon Scarrow.

Title:The Border Wolves
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    The Border Wolves Reviews

  • B.J. Richardson

    When diving into historical fiction with a new author, you never really know what you are going to get. I mean, obviously, you will know the facts and events of the history they are using, but how wel...

  • Kirsten Corby

    I've enjoyed this series much more than I've enjoyed any fiction in a while. Just masterfully done popular fiction. I've never heard of this author. But she is superior. I will look for more. ...

  • Caius Fabius

    I have waited 30+ years. Not disappointed This takes place after the Emperor's Games. The whole gang is here again. It is as if I am back in time with the Centurions and a Barbarian Princess. This con...

  • Malacima

    Dobar serijal. Smesteno u doba starog Rima i na njegovim granicama carstva za vreme vladavine Vespazijana i njegovih sinova. Knjige su pune politickih intriga,licnih sukoba karaktera iz knjige, bitaka...

  • Fred

    I wish this story would go on and on! I have enjoyed every aspect of this series of books! They are exceptionally well written! The main characters are fully developed and the carried through all four...

  • Nick

    Concluding book to the the Centurion's trilogy from the early 1980's, The Border Wolves gives a more satisfying conclusion for the characters than was left at the end of "Emperor's Games". One of my f...

  • Marian Williams

    Excellent Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Very sad that this is the end of the series. Action packed throughout. Extremely credible, I lived on every page. Thank you....

  • Robin Frost

    Good readIt's a more or less fairy tale finish to the tales of the two brothers flavius and correus and their families. It's been an entertaining read....

  • b w murrell

    Excellent wrapping up of a brilliant seriesBattle description is perfect ...

  • Lelia Howell

    Don't StopYou have started a book series that needs one more book to finish. You left me hanging . Don't stop...