Healing Is the New High: A Guide to Overcoming Emotional Turmoil and Finding Freedom

Healing Is the New High: A Guide to Overcoming Emotional Turmoil and Finding Freedom


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Achieve genuine inner healing, let go of trauma and find clarity, resilience and freedom with #1 Sunday Times bestselling author Vex King.

Vex developed powerful inner healing techniques to help him break free from his troubled past, heal his emotional pain and trauma, and create a new and empowering belief system. Since then, he's helped thousands of people worldwide unlock their own healing journey. And now he's here to help you become your own healer too.

Vex shares how to experience healing through the layers of the self, combining yogic principles and simple, accessible techniques for exceptional, long-lasting results. These transformative practices include:

- Working with your body's energy
- Exploring and raising your inner vibration
- Creating positive relationships
- Exploring your personal history and rewriting limiting beliefs
- Uncovering your true self and reigniting your fire

Taking charge of your inner healing is one of the greatest acts of self-love. By committing to this process and raising your vibration - the energy that courses through you and you radiate out into the world - you'll create space to welcome more joyful experiences into your life.

Title:Healing Is the New High: A Guide to Overcoming Emotional Turmoil and Finding Freedom
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    Healing Is the New High: A Guide to Overcoming Emotional Turmoil and Finding Freedom Reviews

  • Mackenzie

    This book felt more like a biography. I felt it has negative undertones at certain parts of the book which is sad because I was so excited for the release of this book....

  • Kornelia

    I just want to highly recommend this book to everyone. I’m so grateful for reading Good Vibes Good Life was meant to be and helped me so much getting out of the dark place. I purchased at least 5boo...

  • Jennifer England

    I listened to this on the Hay House Unlimited App. I was blown away. First I loved the narration. Second this is so fill with amazing stories and practices for you to enjoy. I must say that I really e...

  • Anita

    “ Disappointed “To be honest I was expecting something better from this book, but i felt there was nothing new inside to take away from it.I know about Meditation, I don’t feel I have any childh...

  • Adelina

    The introduction to the book set a tone I wasn't sure was in alignment with the description and title of the book. It was a bit misleading and felt a bit like the book would be set up as an autobiogra...

  • Saba khurana

    Hey I absolutely love your work. The first book of yours Good vibes , Good life.y god I absolutely loved it. I had bought it as i thought it should be a my kinda book. And woah little did i know it wo...

  • yash kulkarni

    I bought this book as soon as I completed Good Vibes, Good Life which is also written by Vex King. Just like his previous book he has written it in very understandable and easygoing English which make...

  • Anita Thurman

    This book is truly amazing!! An absolute must buy for anyone who suffers anxiety or has been through a bad break up or traumatic experience!! I have followed many other people through Facebook, YouTub...

  • Nina Mercado

    I can’t remember how I came about Vex’s IG account maybe it was divine intervention and eversince then I am always looking forward to his posts which helps me a lot especially on my mental health....

  • Vaidehi

    I’ve read Vex King’s first book, Good Vibes Good Life and it genuinely changed my outlook on life. It helped me when I was at such a low point and I couldn’t be more grateful for his work. He’...