Lost Girl

Lost Girl


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I've been kidnapped by vampires and Sawyer is under some love spell.

Now I’ve got to traipse through the entire Magic Lands without getting killed to make it back to Werewolf City… hopefully in one piece.

Everything would have worked out as planned if Sawyer hadn’t gone on another revenge killing spree in my honor.
Now the entire magical world is at war, and my True Mate and I are stuck in the middle of it.

It's just another Monday.

Title:Lost Girl
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    Lost Girl Reviews

  • Just Josie

    I am over here feeling completely bummed out. ­čśĹ­čśĹ­čśĹ­čśę­čśĹ­čśĹ­čśĹ­čĺÄ­čĺÄThe coolest thing about this book was the bejewelled sneakers. ­čĺÄ­čĺÄI have been so excited about this book. Did I l...

  • TJ ?

    I barely know what I just read tbh. It's pretty rare that I'm speechless after I read a book, but there's something about this one that was so off I just... Can't really find the words. The romance wa...

  • Aplis

    Why have 22 people rated a book that isn't out yet??!UPDATE-So the book released today and it was pretty good. A lot more action and a lot more suspense. To be honest, I was siding with Sawyer way too...

  • ?Me Myshelf and I?

    What happened to the amazing sequel I was expecting? I loved book 1, even wrote a review with gifs and everything . This just isnÔÇÖt even in the same league. Did I read book 1 while I was drunk and h...

  • Mikky (Nocturnal Predators Reviews)

    DNF At 5 hours and 45 minutesI had to read a few reviews to finally get to the bottom of what felt so off about this book. I think it's between the repetitive things that kept happening (e.g. the hero...

  • Reanna

    I really hate Sawyer. This book cemented that for me. Demi deserves better in my opinion. ...

  • ?? Queen of Faerie ??

    Mixed feelings on the second book, but it's a good sequelSo you know how in a trilogy (I'm assuming this is a trilogy) you have the first book, which starts the story, and the last book, which ends th...

  • Daisy Delfin

    Pages: 218My rating: 3MC: Demi Calloway, Sawyer HudsonSC: Raven (witch), Wolfs: Curt Hudson (alpha in residence), Sage, Brandon, Quan, Walsh, Eugene (Guard/Security), Meredith (bitch), Marmal (Troll),...

  • V

    The first book held my interest from start to finish and I was soooo excited about the second one.. But now? I could not even finish the first chapter, the dialoges and answers back and forth honesly ...

  • Sunseeker??

    2.5 stars...