The Bayou

The Bayou


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"Eugene didn’t know if he believed in the devil beyond the wicked things people did of their own accord, but if the devil had a face, it would look like Johnny Walker’s."

Small-town Louisiana, 1935.

When Eugene was twelve, a girl from town disappeared. Everyone said the gators must have got her when she strayed too near the bayou. No foul play, just a terrible accident. But Eugene can't shake the conviction that Mary Beth's death had something to do with the man who used to haunt her—the man no one else could see.

Now, nearly two decades later, there are more dangerous things than gators in Chanlarivyè. People are disappearing again, and this time, no one can find the bodies. As the town's unease grows, charismatic fugitive Johnny Walker arrives on the scene, shedding bullet casings and stolen bank notes in his wake.

He tangles himself up in Eugene's life and awakens memories Eugene thought he had laid to rest years ago. Memories of the mysterious man who followed Eugene into his dreams, and memories of the bayou—

And of the horrifying entity that lurks beneath the water's surface, slowly seeping into the town like a stain.

Title:The Bayou
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    The Bayou Reviews

  • Kara Jorgensen

    I greatly enjoyed this. THE BAYOU has a lovely Southern Gothic flavor with plenty of sensory detail to put you in the fetid swamps of Louisiana.Make no mistake, this is horror, and the uncanny kind th...

  • Dabney

    Holy shit. I feel like I've just been on a terrifying dream journey and I'm not sure if I'm back or not. Am I actually in my room because mentally I'm still in the horror swamp or the decaying farmhou...

  • Neurtsy

    I've been waiting to read this for a while now, and it didn't disappoint! With an eerie and swelling atmosphere, the chapters switch from childhood flashbacks that dig under your skin to a dreamlike d...

  • Arden Powell

    Content warnings in the spoiler section! THE BAYOU is southern gothic horror, so the subject matter gets heavy. (view spoiler)[On-page suicide, child sexual abuse (not of the main character), child de...

  • Anton Prosser

    I stayed in my bath until the water was cool to finish reading this gruesomely humid story. It's so haunted, so queer, so full of loneliness and bad dreams. A fine piece of queer horror....

  • Aleshia

    Do you ever find a story that was made for you? I feel like I must know our mystical author Arden Powell, because it’s as if they have plucked every desire, want, and greed from my bones and turned ...

  • Ruth Fasham

    I loved this compelling and atmospheric gothic novella. One of the things I had loved in Arden Powell's previous work 'The Faerie Hounds of York' was how vivid the descriptions were, and it was even m...

  •  Gabriele | QueerBookdom

    DRC provided via Booksprout in exchange for an honest review.Representation: queer protagonist.Content Warnings: death, violence, child rape, queerphobia, dubious consent, suicide.The Bayou by Arden P...

  • Fliss

    Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this novella in exchange for an honest review. This is a dreamy, waterlogged jewel of a southern gothic horror. Told from the perspective of gay, sickly, 29-year-old E...

  • Raleigh Tacy

    I actually really enjoyed this novella. I wasn't sold on the concept of it at first, because I was worried it would be too much a true crime kind of read (which is fine, just not my thing), but it rea...