No Cone Unturned

No Cone Unturned


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Predatory loan shops ruin small towns.

But what happens when the loan shark gets murdered and everyone in town had a reason to kill?

Pine Grove is a comfy place. The kind of town where every living room has a giant, over stuffed armchair. Where there's smoke in every chimney and a pie in every oven.

But all this murder is a problem.

Miss May used to be a lawyer. She's solved lots of murders so far. But every new murder feels like she's back at square one. No information. No suspects. Killer on the loose.

Chelsea and Teeny are her plucky sidekicks. They're in it for the snacks. And the thrills. And the cherry on top.

Yes. This murder happened at the local creamery. It's a crime against ice cream. And sprinkles! And whipped cream.

But someone's hot fudge sun-dead and it's up to our girls to find out.

Will our heroines find the killer? Or will this be the first suspect to get away?

You'll love this clean cozy because everyone loves high stakes mysteries with lots of humor.

Title:No Cone Unturned
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  • QNPoohBear

    3.55 starsSpring is in the air and Chelsea, Miss May and Teeny are in the mood for ice cream and Teeny is eager to win the best restaurant in Pine Grove competition. However, their enjoyment of their ...

  • Rita

    A threatening store owner, leases the store next to the Cherry On Top ice cream shop and terrifies on the ice cream store owner. Soon afterward Chelsea stumbles on Todd’s body in his store. Chelsea,...

  • Joyce

    When a low life bully moves in next door to sweet as ice cream Emily's Cherry on Top shop and threatens her, there is no love lost when his body is found the next day. With no shortage of suspects, Mi...

  • Denise

    This is the first time in reading this but it called me to it the story did. Murder is abound and we get to see what it takes to find out the answers. Pine Grove is a place that is hard to find nowada...

  • Sandy Bartles

    This is an excellent book of three friends who solve murders together. In this story there are multiple people who are suspects of murdering a man who was mean to everyone. I enjoyed the relationship ...

  • ??Hannah??

    This was a good read. Chelsea is on a date and she finds a dead body. Now her and her friends are trying to solve the case. The bad news is that the guy was really unlikable. Which left it possible fo...

  • Cath

    This is book twelve of the Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery series and sees Chelsea, Miss May and their friend Teeny, have yet another murder to try and solve in the small town of Pine Grove. The trio who a...

  • Merry Chapman

    When you have a new tenant, Todd, in the store next to their friend Emily's Ice Cream shop who is hated by everyone in town and he is murdered, does anyone care? There is a very long list of suspects ...

  • Emily Pennington

    Enjoying a romantic evening together, Chelsea and Wayne, her detective boyfriend, inadvertently discover a murder when Chelsea glances through a building’s window and sees the body of the nasty tena...

  • Karen Hollins-Stallman

    No Cone Unturned book 12 in the ”Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery” series by Chelsea Thomas. I love spending time in Pine Grove, NY. with Miss May, Chelsea and Teeny! I enjoyed this latest instalment in...