Earth Yell: Book 5 in the Earth Song Series

Earth Yell: Book 5 in the Earth Song Series


, Science Fiction

Far beneath the ocean, something is awake, ready to begin the defence of our world…

When rumours begin reaching Eden of strange lights beneath the seas surrounding Cuba and the presence of Russian spy ships and subs in the area, Lauren and the team quickly realise that the sightings have all the hallmarks of a waiting micro mind. But if so, why hasn’t there been an accompanying neutrino burst?

Departing for the island, they are quickly drawn into discovering what happened to a diver and his sister, two treasure wreck seekers who went missing in mysterious circumstances. Could this be linked to what has been happening beneath the ocean, especially as one of them heard a strange, whale-like song before their disappearance? With Mike back on the team, they arrive at Cuba and track down the missing children’s father, Carlos Fernández, who has critical information about what happened to his children.

With time of the essence and the realisation that the Overseers are chasing the scent too, Lauren and co team up with a famous Canadian marine biologist and billionaire, Leon Dupont. His unbeatable experience of deep-sea exploration together with his submersible, Neptune - a craft capable of descending to incredible depths - will be critical to discovering what really happened to the wreck divers.

What they will discover will be the final key to everything that Lauren, Jack and Mike have been working towards. The team stand on the cusp of discovering the true purpose of the micro minds, but can they beat the Russians and their Overseer masters to it before all hope is extinguished for any hope of our planet’s survival?

Earth Yell is the sequel to Earth Howl, and is part of the Multiverse Chronicles, an epic series of interlinked stories that includes the Fractured Light trilogy, following humanity’s struggle to survive across parallel universes.

Title:Earth Yell: Book 5 in the Earth Song Series
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    Earth Yell: Book 5 in the Earth Song Series Reviews

  • Robert  Studabaker

    WaitingThis author knows how to keep a reader wanting more to the story. Waiting is like waiting for a next episode of a weekly t.v. show. Keep them coming. Oh, remember Earth vs the Flying Saucers? T...

  • Aylaleilani

    Great Read!I really enjoyed this book. Honestly, much more than I did book 3 & 4, but they did add to character building.Exciting and creative. Made my imagination explode as the underwater stricter c...

  • Pamela Grissom

    Absolutely I’d recommend this book to anyone but especially to those who invest in the characters. The science is right up there (little though I know) with any read that concentrates on earth and i...

  • Cameron

    Good readingMr cook does it again. Great plot, good character's, believable sci-fi story line. I can't wait to start book 6. Find the first book and start the great story ride....

  • David R. Shannon Jr

    Fast moving. So far this series has helped me miss a lot of sleep. It's hard to put down. I've Ben doing two days per book. Almost at the end now....

  • Marcelle Mahon

    AwesomeOne of those books you try to read slow to make it lastbut can’t. Would love to see the movies made. ...

  • Juan

    Good readIt was entertaining, good fiction but not really how war is fought. Still a good read for fun. All in all fun...

  • Steven R.

    Great!If you have read the previous books in the Earth Song series, then this book will fit right into what you want to read. Enjoy it....