Warrior Redeemed

Warrior Redeemed


, cultivation, litrpg, Fantasy

A Princess to Save
A God to Kill

With 20 million lives on the line,
Alex will do whatever it takes to reach the city of Baidushi.
No matter how many obstacles his foes put in his way.

With his fangtian ji now as sharp and bitter as heaven’s tears…
He will cut through them all.

Even after his enemies do the unthinkable.
Destroying his ability to reincarnate, as did every other soul, his countless lives now reduced to one.

So be it.
Now Alex would hold nothing back.

Daring the wrath of the gods above as he embraces the most forbidden of all techniques, infusing himself with the perilous might of Death’s endless waters as he races to a city in dire peril…
And the princess he has sworn to save.

Eager for a fast-paced Wuxia/LitRPG adventure filled with deadly adversaries, exotic adventures, and mighty cultivators fighting for the power to topple kingdoms? Then read on!

Title:Warrior Redeemed
Edition Language:English
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    Warrior Redeemed Reviews

  • Ben

    Another forest trek where nothing gets done.Most of this book is Alex wandering forests with another caravan, the plot doesn't advance significantly, and I'd just wait for the next one....

  • Ryan McCoin

    The story is starting to go places. MC has finally made it out of his starting city and is doing a small amount of traveling. It feels like he can't sneeze without hitting a sidequest and getting dist...

  • Tim

    WonderfulSeries is one of my all time favorites. This edition saw the MC face more of the extreme challenges that we have come to expect. Alex is once again forced to face death at seemingly every tur...

  • Travis Neuman

    One of The best Cultivation series out therePeople define series by comparison. Usually I hear “if you like the Cradle Series...or other popular fictions in this genre. Well this series belongs in t...

  • Nathan A.Thompson

    Amazing sequelSo glad to see the novel take the direction it did, especially after everything that happened in the last one. Many of the events in book 4 had a good answer in book 5....

  • Anthony Bowen

    Awesome!!!I don't think I could say enough about this book. It's the fifth book and I wish it was longer but I did definitely enjoy it. I only wish it was longer because I want to know what happens ne...

  • William Howe

    Finally forwardHe’s back on track and finally advancing. Alex continues to fight above his weight class. Nice pivot at the end. A bit surprised he didn’t learn at least a rudimentary level when be...

  • John Phipps

    Another exciting and fulfilling adventureThis is such an excellent book I am writing my first review. This series gets better and better! It has a fine balance of power versus progression. I look forw...

  • Luke

    If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then I'm as insane as our MC. I read each of these hoping that this will be the one where the...

  • Steve

    I wasn't sure what to expect after the Gotterdammerung that was the previous book, and it stretches credulity that Alex could remain so idealistic after everything he's gone through. Being severed fro...