Omega Awakening

Omega Awakening

Omega Awakening, a dark Cinderella Omegaverse romance...
All things must end.
I learned that lesson the day my mother died.
My step-mother was wicked.
My step-sister, spiteful.
It was a relief when I revealed as an Omega because it was a chance to escape.
But it wasn’t the end of my troubles.
What happens to Omegas is a secret.
And my troubles had just begun.
“I can save you from one monster, Verity,” Lilly had said when she accepted me into the program. “But I cannot save you from them all.”
True to her word, she saved me from my step-mother.
Then Woodrow entered my life.
And I realized he was the other monster Lilly had warned me about.
Publisher's note: Omega Awakening is a prequel to the Controllers Series. It contains explicit scenes, triggers, manipulation / mind games, and D/s themes. As is typical in Omegaverse, animal instincts take precedence over human sensibilities. If this material offends you, please do not purchase this book.

Title:Omega Awakening
Edition Language:English
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    Omega Awakening Reviews

  • benevolent bastard

    FTC (maybe) but for now Nicki Minaj wise words. “I’m the alpha the omega and everything in between”....

  • Fre06 Begum

    It was a good read but I think maybe not for me. Whilst I love dark omega verse M/f books I do prefer certain things in them and certain things not. I didn’t also realise this had a heavy D/s type o...

  • Caitiebelle!! I am such a huuuuge fan of the Controller series - and this "prequel" type of edition didn't disappoint! This book had all my favourite things in this series, it had parts I recogn...

  • Merel Pierce

    So, it took me a while to get into this series, namely because I didn't wanted to get started on another series, because, well...Then I get no work done. But I'm glad I started on The Controllers. Thi...

  • Maria11

    Hummm as the year ends I just want some mindless full of sex story. I got it and I guess I am reading the next.Don’t judge me on my choices. LOL ...

  • Tina Williams

    I absolutely LOVED this book, my first foray into the work of L.V. Lane. A prequel to the authors Controllers series, it is a twist on the Cinderella trope but set in a dystopian Omegaverse, where the...

  • E.J. Frost

    Adored this Omegaverse/Cinderella retelling!There was so much to like here. I loved seeing the events of the Controllers series from a very different perspective, particularly Woodrow's view of Lily, ...

  • Allie Angi

    I am completely new to L.V. Lane and boy was this a wonderful way to pop that cherry! I could not put it down, read it in one long sitting (the other type of sleepless night- the bookworm type!) I wen...

  • V.T. Bonds

    Verity's journey is like a glass shoe: dangerous, but dazzling. Woodrow as Prince Charming is as brutal as the first stroke of midnight, ripping through Verity's peace with shocking ruthlessness.I lov...

  • Natasha

    I received an ARC copy of this book. Upon reading the opening page, I knew it was going to be a book I would get lost in and couldn’t put down!This book is very different from what I normally read a...