Destroyer of Light

Destroyer of Light


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A 2021 Kirkus Best of the Year Book
A 2021 Kirkus Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Book

The Matrix meets an Afro-futuristic retelling of Persephone set in a science fiction underworld of aliens, refugees, and genetic engineering in Jennifer Marie Brissett's Destroyer of Light

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Having destroyed Earth, the alien conquerors resettle the remains of humanity on the planet of Eleusis. In the four habitable areas of the planet—Day, Dusk, Dawn, and Night—the haves and have nots, criminals and dissidents, and former alien conquerors irrevocably bind three stories:

*A violent warlord abducts a young girl from the agrarian outskirts of Dusk leaving her mother searching and grieving.
*Genetically modified twin brothers desperately search for the lost son of a human/alien couple in a criminal underground trafficking children for unknown purposes.
*A young woman with inhuman powers rises through the insurgent ranks of soldiers in the borderlands of Night.

Their stories, often containing disturbing physical and sexual violence, skate across years, building to a single confrontation when the fate of all—human and alien—balances upon a knife’s-edge.

Title:Destroyer of Light
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    Destroyer of Light Reviews

  • Toni

    One of the best science-fiction books I've read in a very long time... Please, read the content warnings and the blurb. This is a retelling of Persephone and the scenes mentioned in the content warnin...

  • Charlie Anders

    No spoilers here. I loved everything about this book: the world, the characters, the twisty story, the wild action. I was so grateful to get an opportunity to read an early copy. I was a huge fan of B...

  • Richard Derus

    Real Rating: 4.75* of five, rounded up because damn!I RECEIVED MY DRC FROM THE PUBLISHER VIA NETGALLEY. THANK YOU.My Review: ↡↡↡ HEED. THE. CONTENT. WARNINGS. BELOW. ↡↡↡Humanity is clingin...

  • Siavahda

    I'm sorry, but I absolutely hated this book.I also didn't finish it - I only read to the 20% point, which is my cut-off point for books I'm not enjoying - so it's very possible that it gets a lot bett...

  • Justine

    I love standalone books. Why aren't there more? Anyway, this is an example of challenging and intelligent storytelling. Not always easy to read and absolutely lacking in feel-good sentimentality, yet ...

  • Lata

    On the planet Eleusis, humans and the Krestge live together. This wasn’t what was intended to happen, when humans fled to this planet years earlier, after the Krestge attacked and destroyed Earth. E...

  • Lindsay

    CW: dehumanization, brutalization, rape and murder of children due to this using the Persephone and Hades myth as an angle to talk about child soldiers and colonization.Brilliant, technically interest...

  • Crystal Palmisano-dillard

    DNFThe world building was complex but interesting. The jump of perspective and time REALLY confused me, but what caused me to stop reading are the rapes, including the rape of a child.Not for me....

  • Marta Cox

    Sadly this is not a book I think I will finish. It's just not appealing to me and as I am now at twenty five percent in and a young girl has been brutally violated I do not find myself wishing to read...

  • Ms. Woc Reader

    This story was confusing at times because it jumped so many different timelines. It could go from 1 month ago to 1 year ago to 3 weeks ago between chapters. And this book was a lot more violent than I...