The Sixth Realm Part 2

The Sixth Realm Part 2


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Fighting in the shadows.

Enemy at their backs.

Will Alva's Secret be revealed?

As Erik and Rugrat return to Alva they find that things have only heated up in their time away. The Adventurer's Guild moves in the shadows with Alva's support.

With all of their preparations are they ready to take on a powerful sect from the sixth realm?

Title:The Sixth Realm Part 2
Edition Language:English
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    The Sixth Realm Part 2 Reviews

  • Steve Naylor

    Rating 3.5 stars The last couple of books have been pretty much the same. More of the stuff that I hate and less of the stuff that I like. It is a pattern with this author. The same thing happened wit...

  • Sarah

    It's Mama!I adore a good civilization building, mmorpglit and its so hard to find one that doesn't swear every two seconds or treat the female characters like they are empty headed sex toys. Instead w...

  • Moira

    5.12.2020 - 3,5*I like this story. The characters, worldbuilding, plot.The problem with this book, or more like with few previous books but mostly seen in this to the extent that even I was taken abac...

  • GaiusPrimus

    The cast of characters is getting tremendously complicated and some of the situations are started to really get out of hand. The numbers being used are also an issue, but that's par for the course for...

  • Brad B

    I want more!...

  • James

    A really good book.This book was much more interesting than the previous two books. I really liked the progress of the book as it looks like the author is working to get back to where the MC is out do...

  • Tony Hinde

    It's probably just me but I don't like sitting in on meetings, fictional or otherwise... even military planning meetings. I had to skip at least a quarter of this book.The actual military engagements ...

  • Frank E Cornman

    Boring boring boring No spoilers here. I had high hopes for this book. I've only read about 10% of this book so far and if you want to read about constant reasons why and theories about leveling, temp...

  • R. Scott VanKirk

    A bloated messThis book reads like a bunch of scenes that the author haphazardly pasted together. There are so many characters that you can't even keep track of them, let alone care about them. It fee...

  • David Harriss

    UnrefinedSome great stuff, lots of good stuff, and the rest is weird and problematic. Like entire conversations between friends that read like badly translated manga. Like sentences missing key words....