The Petticoat Spy

The Petticoat Spy


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A Charles Town belle and a blockade runner ignite fireworks in more ways than one during the American Revolution.

To Anna Grace Laurens, the war is like a distant bad dream until her family’s Charles Town plantation is burned and her parents murdered by those loyal to the king. She flees on horseback and leaps into the Cooper River to escape her pursuers.

As John Cooper Vargas sails his sloop down the river, he spots a woman diving into the water. After firing on the Tory raiders chasing her, he rescues her and offers to take her with his parents to an island hideaway for the duration of the war. But she has other plans, including revenge for her parents’ deaths. She insists he drop her off in Charles Town, even with the British planning a massive attack by land and sea to retake the city, the Pearl of the South.

John employs his sailing skills for the patriots, risking capture and death, but he enjoys his skirmishes with the British navy blockade to bring goods from the islands to aid the cause. But when Charles Town falls to the British, he docks his ship in a secret cove and joins Francis Marion's militia. This decision lands him wounded on a harbor prison ship where more men die than on the battlefield.

Anna Grace braves the deprivations, first of a city barricaded against the British, and then one surrendered and ruled by fists of iron under the English flag and injustice. Can she find a way to rescue John before it's too late?

As both American and English armies gather near Yorktown, Virginia, for a pivotal battle, can John and Anna's love for each other and their faith in God preserve them and help forge a new nation?

Title:The Petticoat Spy
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  • Kelly-Ann ~ Sassy Bookish Mama

    If you enjoy the historical period of the American Revolutionary war then you will definitely enjoy this story. The setting is 1780 in what was formerly known as Charles Town now known as Charleston, ...

  • Marguerite Gray

    Old friends come to life—historical giants of the American Revolution in South Carolina: Christopher Gadsden, Francis Marion, The Ravenels, and the Laurens. I embrace their familiarity as the charac...

  • Melissa Henderson

    Tragedy changes the life of Anna Grace and tough decisions must be made quickly. Author Elva Cobb Martin takes the reader into a historical novel that includes danger, intrigue, mystery, dedication to...

  • Sara Williams

    This was the first I have read by this author and she has a unique, interesting voice, I will give her that. I found much of her story engaging and entertaining and descriptive. The opening was quite ...

  • Betti

    Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God - John KnoxAn interesting statement taken to heart by the wonderful characters in this fast-paced novel set during the Revolutionary War. Anna Grace Laurens h...

  • Jackie

    What a historical novel. Anna Grace’s life is changed when her home is burned and her parents murdered. She flees, but how long will she be safe. From the first page you’re involved in her life. W...

  • Frank

    If you enjoy clean. sweet storys, you will like this book. The setting is 1780 in Charleston South Carolina. Anna Grace Laurons parents were killed and their planation destroyed by British troops. Ann...

  • Joanna Bair

    Surprisingly adventurous story. The cover makes it look solely like a romance, but it’s not at all. Set towards the end of the revolutionary war in Charles Town South Carolina the novel covers much ...

  • Becka Jimnez

    This was the first book I have ever read by Elva Cobb Martin. I enjoy reading historical fiction, especially when the historical elements have been well-researched. However, I had never before read a ...

  • Bonnie Anderson

    The Petticoat Spy is the 3rd book in Elva Cobb Martin's series Charleston Brides. Book 1, The Pirate's Purchase, begins in 1740 with the story of Marisol Valentin and Ethan Becket. Book 2, The Sultan'...