Son of Anger: A fast-paced Viking Saga filled with action and adventure

Son of Anger: A fast-paced Viking Saga filled with action and adventure


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"Norse warriors, gods and all things epic. This tale of vengeance is nothing short of exciting." Reedsy Review

Ulf is like a storm, slowly building up its power, he grows more dangerous with each passing moment. And like all storms, he will eventually break. When he does, he will destroy everything in his path.

Ulf is one of a long line of famous Norse warriors. His ancestor Tyr was no ordinary man, but the Norse God of War. Ulf, however, knows nothing about being a warrior.

Everything changes when a stranger arrives on Ulf’s small farm in Vikenfjord. The only family he’s ever known are slaughtered and the one reminder of his father is stolen -- Ulf’s father’s sword, Ormstunga. Ulf’s destiny is decided.

Are the gods punishing him? All Ulf knows is that he has to avenge his family. He sets off on an adventure that will take him across oceans, into the eye of danger, on a quest to reclaim his family’s honour.

The gods are roused. One warrior can answer to them. The Son of Anger.

Title:Son of Anger: A fast-paced Viking Saga filled with action and adventure
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    Son of Anger: A fast-paced Viking Saga filled with action and adventure Reviews

  • Steve

    Gosh, just when I think I’m getting past Viking warrior stories, which I first read from public libraries as a kid many decades ago, one like this comes along, full of vigour, drama and fine charact...

  • Ned Ludd

    Now THIS is how a Viking saga should be told. Will definitely check out more of Cook’s work. 5⭐️...

  • Storter

    You should read this bookHe writes an excellent story with good character development. Cook obviously did his research about the Gods. Definitely a great read. ...

  • R Pata

    Intriguing and Captivating, but…This book was a little slow to start after the initial action. Introspection is the authors strong point… That is if you like introspection lasting pages long. Repe...

  • JR Knodel

    The bigger they areI am on a roll. D. Cook made my week. That was a book that people who like a good Viking story needs to read. The original story line made it hard to put down. I'm kidding but the s...

  • Jonathan Cummings

    Great Viking adventure One of the better examples of this genre I have read, good characters and dialogue. Will certainly buy the sequel and hopefully Donovan Cook will write more....

  • James T Lynch

    Great actionAction packed. Very good writing. Vivid imagery woven with good character development. I’ll definitely read more by this author. You won’t be able to put this one down...

  • Barbara Velard

    excellently writtenThis book is hard to put down, it is written so well. If you are a fan of Bernard Cornwall, you will enjoy this author as well....

  • David Simms

    I came by this book by chance, and I’m so glad that I did, I literally couldn’t put it down ‘WOW’ what a read. Really can’t wait for the next book. ...

  • Shelli Ensminger

    Fast pace easy read...