Hell Cats

Hell Cats


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Lovers. Outlaws. Hell Cats.

As the old sailor's adage goes, a woman on board invites bad luck, a superstition that turned out to be true for the enemies of notorious pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. As quick to draw their cutlasses as they were to fall in love, Anne and Mary sailed the Caribbean leaving a trail of looted treasure, outfoxed law enforcement, and treacherous ex-lovers (suitably dealt with) in their wake.

Born hundreds of miles apart, both Anne and Mary were disguised as boys in their childhoods to escape poverty, propriety and disgrace, only to find freedom on the high seas. Anne, a poor fit for polite society, kicks her treacherous husband to the curb to turn pirate with the dashing Captain Jack. Meanwhile, Mary endures navy and army life disguised as a boy before being captured by pirates.

When Mary and Anne’s worlds collide a love affair between the two ensues and adventure beckons - the Governor and Anne’s spurned husband continue to hunt them across the oceans, but even the shadow of the gallows couldn’t darken the blazing spirits of these incredible women somehow mostly forgotten by history.

This series explores themes of equality, freedom, love and survival. Ultimately it is a story about the determination to live fully and freely without the limitation of gender, class or society - a life without restraint.

This Audible Original Podcast tells the lost story of history’s most progressive pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Their tale of cutthroat adventure and an enduring love affair remains largely forgotten – overlooked by historians who prioritised the achievements of their male peers. Until now.

Starring Erin Doherty as Mary Read, Michelle Fox as Anne Bonny, Fisayo Akinade as Pierre Bouspeut and Jonathan Bailey as Captain Jack Rackham.

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    Hell Cats Reviews

  • Val

    This is an audiobook & fun! Badass pirate lassies: What’s not to like?...

  • Saravanan Mani

    Excellent story and great characters in a fantastic production. I loved how well written and exciting the story was. the characters are very well developed and complex and showed great nuance and lear...

  • Nicole Geub

    A very good listen. This audible original had it all, action adventure quirkiness love and intrigue. The ensemble cast was very exciting to listen to and the character voices were unique in their own ...

  • Myk Pilgrim

    A great big recommendation if you have audible, check out Hell Cats it's a phenomenal audio drama about a pair of cross-dressing LGBTQ pirates who kick a$s and take sh1t from no one.It's was a refresh...

  • Liz Wilson

    After a slow start, I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this swashbuckling, ahead-of-its-time pirate adventure. Mary Reed and Anne Bonny are two women who, through circumstances and an unquenchab...

  • Ashleigh (ash_and_books)

    Story was a bit meh. We did have some LGBTQ+ characters with the main 3 pirates being bisexual and non-binary though...

  • Rosie

    An Audible original drama about the infamous pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. This is really well produced, with strong vocal talents and atmosphere generation, and each episode flows nicely into th...

  • Jenny Vidler

    Loving pirates growing up this did not disappoint. The little nuances, the legends, the slang, customs were there backed by a fantastic storyline. Liberties were taken with plot seeing as how theres o...

  • Siobhan Reads Sometimes

    Great in concept, excellent LGBTQ+ rep - unfortunately story ran out of steam after half a dozen episodes & a lot of scenes and scenarios after this point lacked tension & played out as predictable sc...

  • Lisa Shardlow

    This was absolutely thrilling and gripping! I don’t know how accurate it actually is, but Anne Bonny and Mary Read were awesome! They were pirates and just as good as any man, in a time when it was ...