Roses in Winter: A Tale of Beauty and Her Beast

Roses in Winter: A Tale of Beauty and Her Beast


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After a decade of seclusion, Edward Blackmore is used to being alone—in fact, he has come to depend on it. With a curse over his head and a face full of scars, he can't risk being discovered by the outside world. When a winter snowstorm brings a desperate woman to his gates, letting her stay is the last thing he needs. But the longer she is with him, the more he realizes he no longer wants to be alone.

Alina Dameron has spent the last six years of her life married to a man who abuses her. In an act of desperation, she flees during a snowstorm and wakes up in a strange manor house whose only inhabitants are a mysterious man who won't show his face and a curious house spirit that takes the shape of fabric. Trapped because of the storm, Alina has no choice but to stay with this stranger who sometimes seems more beast than man. Behind his temper and his secrets there is a sadness that she doesn't understand.

A woman in need of safety and a man in need of redemption just may find peace in each other's arms. But Alina's husband hasn't forgotten about his wife and with help of the villagers and the local priest, he intends on getting her back and showing her who she really belongs to. Edward and Alina must come to trust each other before it is too late.

Author's note: This book contains descriptive adult scenes of a relationship between a married woman and a man who is not her husband. It is also implied that the heroine has suffered domestic abuse in her past which may be triggering to some readers. This is a standalone story with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.

Title:Roses in Winter: A Tale of Beauty and Her Beast
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    Roses in Winter: A Tale of Beauty and Her Beast Reviews

  • Marquise

    Interesting premise, one I'd not seen before, in which the Beauty character, Alina, is a victim of domestic abuse fleeing her violent husband and by chance lands in the home of the Beast character, Ed...

  • T.E. Elliott

    This retelling of Beauty and the Beast has just enough uniqueness and just enough familiarity to be thoroughly enjoyable. I've been disappointed by several indie retellings lately but this one hit the...

  • Nic

    Rather sweetI found this by looking for beauty and the beast retellings and I was pleasantly surprised. Very smooth moving plot line. Loved the characters and I especially loved the spirit of the cast...

  • Conny

    I loved this book so much.I could read this every day......

  • Joanne

    Very Good StoryThis was a slightly different take on Beauty and the Beast. He was a cursed forgotten Duke and she was an abused wife that ran away and came to what was thought to be an abandoned mansi...