The Dinner Guest

The Dinner Guest


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Four people walked into the dining room that night. One would never leave.

Matthew: the perfect husband.

Titus: the perfect son.

Charlie: the perfect illusion.

Rachel: the perfect stranger.

Charlie didn’t want her at the book club. Matthew wouldn’t listen.

And that’s how Charlie finds himself slumped beside his husband’s body, their son sitting silently at the dinner table, while Rachel calls 999, the bloody knife still gripped in her hand.

Agatha Christie meets Donna Tartt in this nerve-shredding domestic noir thriller that weaves a sprawling web of secrets around an opulent West London world and the dinner that ends in death.

Title:The Dinner Guest
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    The Dinner Guest Reviews

  • Jayme

    DINNER HAS BEEN SERVED-and it was DELICIOUS! THE APPETIZER:Four people were at dinner that night. Charlie and his husband, MatthewTheir son, TitusAnd, their new acquaintance and newest book club membe...

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    Honey! Guess who is coming to dinner? Hey, why don’t you answer me! Oh my gosh, honey why the hell you’re bleeding! No pulse! Well, more food for three! The dinner is planned to be served to tabl...

  • Michael David

    HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY!! This is one dinner you will not want to miss.Four people walked into the dining room that night. One would never leave.The four people are Charlie, his husband Matthew, their s...

  • Farrah

    I read this book because I was curious about two things. 1. Is it similar to Herman Koch's The Dinner? Since the cover and title are so alike. Answer: Ehhhh...kinda. The structure of the plot is very ...

  • Kaceey

    3.75*An engaging thriller that will keep you guessing till the end.One happy family. Charlie and Matthew happily married raising their teenage son Titus. All is well until Rachel inserts herself into ...

  • Fran

    "Matthew seemed so polished. So perfectly presented...Matthew came pre-loaded, so-to-speak, with little Titus, not quite nine...And so I became Daddy...Titus had two perfect daddies...". We loved each...

  • Ceecee

    4.5 Did you get your dinner invitation? Ok, good. Bring a bottle of wine and then pour yourself a large glass, take a mighty big gulp because you’re going to need it for what ensues. Four people are...

  • Virginie

    Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint why we disliked a book... I struggled so much to read this one! Sure, I was wondering how everything would be tied up, but I didn't feel the tension (nor anything,...

  • Michelle

    Dinner may be served but death comes before dessert. Matthew, Charlie, and fifteen year old son Titus appear to be the perfect family. That is until they meet Rachel at a local bookstore. Matthew who ...

  • Kat (Books are Comfort Food)

    4.5 rounded upWelcome to dinner. This is one meal you don’t want to miss, or maybe you do once you see the menu.Two fathers, a son and a friend (of sorts) arrive at the dinner table. One of them exp...