Guardians of Twilight (Hollywood Fae #3)

Guardians of Twilight (Hollywood Fae #3)


I didn't start trouble. It was there when I got here.

An army of imps, two reality-TV obsessed fallen angel, and a vamp who swears he’s my mate. Just another day in Hollyweird.

The Queen of the Unseelie Court plans to use the missing Fae gold to access the Seelie realm and lay waste to it. That’s why I’ve got to find the gold before her.

Oh, and did I mention that she’s the sexy vamp’s ex? I know longer am certain who I can trust, but even blindsided by betrayal, I’ve got to bring home the gold or risk my people being destroyed and me spending the rest of my days on a demon plane. And I thought being a personal assistant was bad.

Can I save the day, or will these be my last days in the City of Angels?

Title:Guardians of Twilight (Hollywood Fae #3)
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    Guardians of Twilight (Hollywood Fae #3) Reviews

  • Ember Rain

    Perfect ending for this trilogy! I loved how things worked out so nicely. I hope to see more paranormal writing from Lexy Timms in the future and applaud her ability to switch it up for these books! L...