Magical New Beginnings

Magical New Beginnings


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When life goes sideways, embracing the adventure is the fastest way to set things right.

One day I was just a widow facing the prospect of an empty nest, living a life that was anything but enchanted. The next, I had discovered my magical roots, and my rightful place as the Guardian of the portal between the Faery and Earth.

There was shock. And there was fear. After all, no one plans to start over at forty-five. I intended to grow old with my husband. I thought we’d live an ordinary life. So I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste this opportunity to live in a world I always thought was imaginary.

I’m half-witch, half-faery, and facing dangers as real as the ache in my bad knee. Ibuprofen and caffeine keep me going, and I could do this for the rest of my life. Whoever thinks my family home is an easy mark better take notice: the new Guardian in town isn’t going down without a fight.

After all, she’s already learned to let go of her simple existence and believe in the extraordinary power inside of her. What could possibly stop her now?

Title:Magical New Beginnings
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    Magical New Beginnings Reviews

  • Janet Newport

    DNF 35%Ugh... I just couldn't handle any more complaints about aching knees and hot flashes.If they'd been edited down by 50%, the book would have been 100 pages shorter. And all of the complaints cam...

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)

    Another one that for whatever reason, I just couldn't get in to and connect with. It might be because the last books in this genre I read blew me away though so maybe I was just expecting too much or ...

  • Valerie

    I'm sorry but there is nothing about the book that I like.First time to read this author and I didn't finish the book. No sympathy for the character; hated the romantic interest. The chapters didn't f...

  • Shannon Mcdaniel

    Get. An. Editor.Firstly, the sheer amount of typos and grammatical errors was staggering. The lack of editing was ridiculous. Even if you can get past that dragging you out of the story, the story is ...

  • Julia

    2 1\2 StarsNote this book ends in a cliff hanger so in NO way is any issue resolved when the book ends. The book takes the same elements of the story,: " I didn't know I was a witch", " I don't know w...

  • Debbie Eyre

    “ When life goes sideways, embracing the adventure is the fastest way to set things right!”This is a great first book in this female over 40 something magical read! With a well written addictive s...

  • Lucinda Race

    What's not to enjoy about a woman in midlife discovery she is a witch/fae but not just an ordinary magical person but the guardian of the portal and very powerful. With staunch friends the brooding gu...

  • Stephanie

    Fiona and crew are awesome! I'm really loving these stories about mid-life adventures and discovering the magical side in their lives! This group Fiona comes to town because her grandmother died and s...

  • Deb Dewees

    The story line itself is good, middle-aged American woman, widowed with 2 college age kids inherits her grandmother's house in a small village in England where she spent many summers growing up. Magic...

  • Melissa Headrick

    Fiona discovers late into her human life that she isnt human at all but a powerful hybrid and Guardian to a world she had no idea actually existed. With the help of new friends she comes into her powe...