Pahua and the Soul Stealer

Pahua and the Soul Stealer


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Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents Lori M. Lee's middle grade debut about a lonely Hmong girl who discovers she's a powerful shaman warrior in this fantasy inspired by Southeast Asian mythology.

"I love the adventures Pahua has in this book. I also love the sense of humor, the clever plotting, and the fantastic cast of characters. But most of all I love Pahua: her courage, her kindness, and her love for family."--NYT best-selling author Rick Riordan

Pahua Moua has a bit of a reputation for being a weirdo. A lonely eleven-year-old Hmong girl with the unique ability to see spirits, she spends her summer days babysitting her little brother and playing with her best friend, a cat spirit no one else can see.

One day Pahua accidentally untethers an angry spirit from the haunted bridge in her neighborhood--whoops. When her brother suddenly falls sick and can't be awoken, Pahua fears that the bridge spirit has stolen his soul. She returns to the scene of the crime with her aunt's old shaman tools, hoping to confront the spirit and demand her brother's return. Instead, she summons a demon.

Thankfully, a warrior shaman with a bit of an attitude problem shows up at the last minute and saves her butt. With the help of this guide, Pahua will have to find her way through the spirit worlds and rescue her brother's soul before it's too late. Little does she know she'll have her own discoveries to make along the way. . . .

With its unforgettable characters, unique nature-based magic system, breathtaking twists and reveals, and climactic boss battle, this story based on Hmong oral tradition offers everything a fantasy lover could want.

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Title:Pahua and the Soul Stealer
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    Pahua and the Soul Stealer Reviews

  • Rick Riordan

    Be Careful. Some Gongs You Can’t Un-Ring.I never say this about books, but in the case of Pahua and the Soul Stealer, you should start at the end. The author’s note from Lori M. Lee offers powerfu...

  • megs_bookrack

    11-year old, Pahua Moua, is an outcast amongst her peers. Because of this, she spends her summer days babysitting her little brother, Matt, and hanging out with Miv, a cat spirit only she can see.That...

  • Bethany

    I read this for a middle grade fantasy reading vlog! is among my favorite installments in the Rick Riordan Presents line! Prior to this I was not familiar with Hmong c...

  • rachel ?

    A new Rick Riordan Presents series revolving around Hmong mythology that features a young female shaman warrior! Blog • Trigger Warning Database • Twitter • Instagram...

  • Fanna

    March 10, 2021: A middle-grade based on a southeast asian mythology where "a Hmong girl discovers she's a powerful shaman warrior". September suddenly sounds too far away because I can't wait!...

  • akacya  ?????

    Pahua is a Hmong girl living in a non-Hmong area, but that’s not the only way she stands out—she can also see and speak to spirits, a gift not many have. One day, she accidentally unleashes an evi...

  • Beth Cato

    I received an advance copy of this book via NetGalley.Rick Riordan's line has done it again--this is another masterful middle grade book that explores a fascinating culture and is a rollicking adventu...

  • Andee

    BLOG|INSTAGRAM|TWITTER|YOUTUBE Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Lori M. Lee's writing is something I've enjoyed before, so I ...

  • Cindi

    Thank you to the author, publisher and Net Galley for providing me with a free ebook copy of this title in exchange for my review.I so loved this book! I'm a huge fan of Rick Riordan and his Presents ...

  • Eileen

    5 starsThis book should definitely be in every Elementary and Middle School library, but it is a book that older kids and adults will enjoy as well, especially if you're a fan of mythologies of differ...