Finding You: The Complete Box Set

Finding You: The Complete Box Set


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Get ready for the road trip of a lifetime with a series that will give you all the feels, tantalize your taste buds and show you the true meaning of family.

Welcome to Portugal…

It all starts with two childhood friends who reconnect after years apart. Was it fate? Or were they meant to be together? How strong are those family ties? And is the family you make as important as the one you’re born in?
Coming out, second chances, hurt/comfort, age gap, friends, missing family members, and all the sweet love you can handle. You’ll find all that and more in the complete box set.

Home Again
Together Again
Love Again
Complete Again
Plus bonus scenes

Home Again, Love Again and Complete Again were previously published under the title Made in Portugal, Made in Lisbon and Made in Paris, respectively, and the pen name of Ana Newfolk. While the manuscripts received a light edit, the stories themselves haven't changed.

Together Again was previously published as two separate books. A short story under the title Made in New York, followed by a novel titled Made in Manhattan, both under the pen name of Ana Newfolk. Both stories have been joined into one. While the manuscript received a light edit, and an additional chapter has been added to link both books, the story itself hasn’t changed.

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    Finding You: The Complete Box Set Reviews

  • Amy Dufera - Amy's MM Romance Reviews

    Ana Ashley's Finding You: The Complete Box Set is a fabulous collection of novels. I previously reviewed most of these stories when they were released under other names. Overall, you can't go wrong wi...

  • Anne

    Home Again - Joel and David, so many years apart, so much time hurting and still having to contend with bigotry in the world. The detail in the tour they took of some places felt like I was with them....

  • Larissa

    This boxed set has a collection of four stories following four different couples, all interconnected although the books can be read as standalones. The advantage of the box set, though, is that you ca...

  • Amy Stauffer

    This boxset was just what I needed. It covered a bunch of my favorite tropes: friends to lovers, age gap, hurt/comfort, and second chance. One thing I enjoy about the boxset, is that you don’t have ...

  • Amy

    I had never read the Finding You series before but I was a fan of the Chester Falls series so I picked up this set without hesitation. There are some great books in this set, but I think my favorite o...

  • Xochitl

    Ana Ashley created an amazing world in this series, featuring in every book the story of a couple falling in love. I enjoyed a lot the interesting plot of each book full of heartwarming moments, roman...

  • Stephanie W

    Excellent, well written, emotionally tugging series by Ana.We have these books as part of the series:#1 Home Again- MCs, Joel and David.Excellent characters who are full of emotions. Achieved their ha...

  • Kathryn Manzella

    Finding You: The Complete Box Set is a collection of  contemporary MM romances that were previously published under different names with the pen-name Ana Newfolk.  Now they are all together in a Bin...

  • T Paul

    David and Joel, a road trip mapped out for them by the past and their own happy ending. Isaac and Max, a reunion of two souls after a misunderstanding.Vítor and Tiago, past abuse and heartache. Jean-...

  • Kkhmonrai

    This is a fantastic box set with all the feels. The set includes four books with 4 different couples, although they are all related by common characters. The set is brimming with emotion, drama, occas...