Dagger and Vow

Dagger and Vow


, Historical

Marcus Varro is content to work on his father’s farm, selling barley in the markets of Rome. He has vowed to uphold a simple life of peace. Then the Roman Legions find him.

A war that should not be sweeps Varro from his idyllic farm and carries him across the Aegean Sea to a land under siege. His vow of peace is stretched to its limits as he is plunged into blood and battle. The ceaseless march of the Republican Roman Army spares none.

Yet a greater threat stalks Varro, more dangerous and more personal than any enemy soldier. Can he survive in an army where he faces swords to his front and daggers at his back?

Title:Dagger and Vow
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    Dagger and Vow Reviews

  • John Morris

    An epic tale!A young boy, bound by a sacred oath not to take a life or show violence to another, is conscripted into the Roman legions. Here he has to face death, both from his enemies and from within...

  • R Pata

    This is modernistic detective storyline, with a setting in postPunic War Rome. It didn’t ring true for me. Too convoluted going back and forth in the “this is the truth, no, this is …” repeat-...

  • peter david mitchell

    Murderous intentionsSuperbly plotted tale of shady scheming, deadly assassination attempts and double dealing. Set amidst the backdrop of forthcoming war with Macedonia. Excellent characterisation, es...

  • Sharon Myers

    Great bookI loved this book. Please bring more in this saga. I have read all Jerry Autieri's books, and can not say enough good things about the plot, the history, the characters, and the excitement f...

  • John Hunt

    Fun read. Good action. Good pacing. Overall, worth your time for sure... if you like Ancient Rome books that is......

  • Mr P L Hughes

    First read of this author for meEnjoyed the twists and turns around the storyline. Kept me guessing until near the end and now the promise of more to come...

  • John o byrne

    Worth readingNot read this author before but I found the book very good reading had a good story line with a few twists and the story line was not dragged out like some books...

  • Ronald Kiedrowski

    Great,I really liked it, Hope there will be follow upRon...